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If you had the power, would you permanently eliminate Valentine's Day?

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  • no, because even though I have some lonely Valentine, but I also had some very good ones.but then again you also have to recognize Valentine's Day has become a holiday, after all you don't get a day off for celebrating it.

  • Yeah! I think Valentine's Day is good. It is good for maintaining relationship and passion.
    If I have a sweetheart, I would enjoy it, or maybe I could earn some pocket-money!

  • Not really, i make such event. Because i just need a reason to have fun and party

  • А зачеем? Вам он так не нравится?

  • No  ,Valentine's day is a nice day .hah.....  ,we   have many varieties methords to enjoy this day ,give some excuses to eat chocolate, and some one can receive some followers  hah  ....actually ,its a nice day .
  • ДА!!! Потому что никто не знает, почему мы его празднуем!

  • Noooooooooooooooooooo (:
    It's Single Awareness Day! V-Day just reminds me that I'm a strong, independent woman! 
    Well, I am really young still so I don't really celebrate V-Day. 
    Anyways, I wouldn't want to! I want to spread love everywhere even though it gets to the point where you'd like to puke rainbows for too much cuteness from others [;

  • Maybe. 
    I mean, I don't believe in valentine's day myself.  Love should be celebrated and treasured every day, not just once a year.  :I

    But Valentine's can be fun, depending on who you're with ~

  • well, Valentine promotes love and sex on the same day. I mean, everyday should be a Valentine's day. Everyday should be full of love. Dont just express your love on a particular day.

    Of course as a fangirl, we love to read manga and watch anime. But making chocolate and knitting and other things just to for that person is sometimes ridiculous! I mean, of course I enjoy the theme sometimes. Do you know there is a White Day it Japan? Yes, it means the female that gave the male a Valentine present on Valentine's Day can get the 'reply' on White Day. Oh and if you still wondering, White Day is a month after Valentine's Day; March 14th. Oh and it going to be next week. Anyhow, the White Day dosen't mean that you give ordinary white things. You should know how the perverted Japanese might do. It is said that all kind of white things including lingerine is kinda sold out and in other words; BOOMING.

    Oh well, the Japanese are weirdos. Wonder if it occurs in Tokyo only.

    Yes it is not just me. Everybody should think of stopping Valentine. Somehow I hate the idea of these kind of day, where love can only be expressed on that kind of day. We should stand on morals. People shouldn't condemn and want to eliminate Valentine's day just because they are single. Valentine's day promote other kinds of bad thing, i mean morally.

    Yes, you may call me old fashion, but are those illegimate kids out there really proud of their status? I think it is shameful because I personally think that its not going to be at least 100%. Do you like to be lebelled as legal or illegal? There are dfferent kind of atmosphere of announcing the status. It is common sense that legal are more to get attention.

    I am also saying this on behalf of Muslims. In Islam, we dont practice these kinds of things. To obtain good product, we need good materials. Of course, we like to have good., noble-like heritage, because people will look up to us.

    Furthermore, doing these kinds of things. Don't you women think we are selling ourselves? What about female rights? Do you like men look at you because you have nice butt and big boobs? Don't you want men to recognize you as a fellow human being which also have equal equility? Just because you want to be loved, you need to give your all? Humans need commitment. I think that that is why divorce rates are getting higher. People getting married and divorce for a short period of time. People who has partners before marriage has the tendency of separating. I've observed my friends around me. And also my lecturer which told me that, then I just realized it. People that tends to breakup easily formed a new relationship. Some  not, but yes, it happens a lot. I know coz I read shoujo manga, obviously. People just want to be loved. When breaking up, they are in the state of depression and need somebody to comfort them and also need to forget the feeling of love of the person they broke up with.

    Relationship should have been fixed. I think that in Islam, it actually good to avoid/prevent bad things than to cure. "Prevention is better than cure."

    this is the beauty of Islam. where newlyweds are introduced formally and when both parties agreed, they can set up the wedding. After that, the groom and the bride are getting to know each other. When there is something wrong, that is the part where the spouse need to lead to the right way. In other ways, marriage is not just a contract and to satisfied your need. You have a companion in your life that can accept and change in better way of life. the spouses will help each other help and even be best friends!

    Oops! I've talked too much //_// I should stop right there! *STOP SIGN - ON*
    LOL  Back to the question; yes Valentine should be eliminated, not just me, but to all people. As I said in early part of this post, Everyday should be a Valentine's Day. Love should be expressed in good manners and sincerity.

    That's all. Ja ne! ^^

  • Valentines Day makes me angry..... and I'm not even single!! I have been with the same person for almost 10 years now. Neither of us are romantics to begin with, but my relationship has nothing to do with why I never enjoy Valentines....
    I have lots and lots of single friends and these people I know end up going crazy that time of year and instantly hate anyone who has a special someone and I end up being the target.... I have to pretty much hide from the world. No facebook status' sharing about how much I love my hunny, no picking up my phone, nothing, and this was the first year I was smart enough to do so. In the past I made the mistake of saying "Happy Valentines Day" to a good friend of mine and that ended up becoming an hour long bitch fest about how I'm so lucky to have someone to spend with (and we don't even freaking do anything!), they are so depressed, and if I try saying anything to cheer them up or explain to them that someday that special someone will come around, I get brushed off and told "You don't understand" as if I have never been single before.... One or two people, fine, I completely understand but when it turns into around 10 people calling, messaging, and texting you about their personal relationship problems like it's your fault and dealing with it year after year starts to kinda bring you down. Damned if I do, damned if I don't. If I complain to them about how selfish they are acting, they could easily turn it around and say I am being selfish back...... So pretty much, Valentines Day for me ends up being a giant secret, keep everything that happens to me (like a small gift) to myself and I pretend that day don't exist just to keep myself happy....  Would I actually eliminate it due to that? Possibly.... I personally think an wedding anniversary would be more romantic and enjoyable to celebrate your love anyways.
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