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Best. Concert. Ever.

What's the best concert you've ever been to?

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  •  Michael Jackson BAD. Second row!!!!!!!!
  • If you know me at all, you already know the answer to this question. Vendetta Red's last show ever.. at El Corazon on April 8th, 2006. Sometime in March I got a 2 am phone call from Kate. She was crying so hard I couldn't even understand what she was trying to tell me. The heartbreaking news was that Vendetta Red, our favroite band of all time, ever, was breaking up, and they were playing their last show on April 8th. Kate's all like, "I'm buying tickets we have to go I'm doing it right now Jenna we have to go to that show fuck" so I was all like.. "okay, let's go." I told my parents I was going to look for apartments in St. Cloud, which was obviously a lie, and I skipped school on Friday (the show was on Saturday). We drove twenty-four straight hours, stopping only for gas, called Vendetta Red's guitarist, and slept at his house (what?). The venue was packed with superfans and emotions. Kane Hodder, Sameer Shukla, The Divorice.. Then Vendetta Red played. I cried, Kate cried, everybody cried. And we screamed. And we sang our sad little hearts out. Some people got engaged on stage (which happens at a lot of show I go to). They ended with A Joyless Euphoria. I felt like my face was turning into lava. It probably was. Burke annihilated his drum set, Leif put a keyboard on top of the crowd so he could "watch it float around out there," Zach disappeared.. After the room cleared out a bit, Kate and I sought out Leif and we hugged it out. It was a heart-wrenching, reassuring squeeze, and probably the most amazing hug I've ever been a part of. We got the eff out of that venue and went back to our car. We were pretty haggard. Our clothes were soaked in sweat and practically falling off our bodies. Kate broke down, and I vomited. It felt like everything was fucking over. After another day at Leif's, I called my parents and lied more about apartments, and ditched school Monday to allow time to drive home. Nearly impossible to top that.
  • Well there's a few TORI AMOS - Under The Pink Tour Melbourne 1994 - freaking amazing and got to meet her backstage after the show briefly. KISS - The Reunion Tour Melbourne 1997 - The best KISS show ever, all 4 original members for the first time in Oz!! DURAN DURAN - Reunion (astronaut) tour Metro Nightclub Melbourne 2005 (?) - absolutely brilliant- all 5 original members playing to a packed venue of rabid Duranies - it was unforgettable!
  •  The True Colors tour in Columbus OH this past summer. I finally....FINALLY...got to see Erasure live. This was only second to seeing Duran Duran perform at the Murat a few years back. I was so close I could see Simon sweating. 

    God, that was hot!!!

  • History 101 Tour! Matt is an amazing artist, but he's also awesome in person! He's a great guy, he loves talking with us crazy Westies, and he's so much fun in concert! I miss Matt... I want to see him in concert again! :p
  • Coheed & Cambria @The fillmore , Detroit Michigan Nov 1st 2007, that is the day my boyfriend moved to Canada to live with me. The band was awesome!!!!!!
  • I've seen a lot of shows but Cibo Matto at the 9:30 club back in February or March of 1996 is probably the best concert I've ever seen. It was so unexpected and not at all crowded so it became a shared experience with the audience and the band. It was a rare connection. Transcendent.
  • Absolute best concert was at the grande opening of EMP Seattle. I saw Eurythmics (this was thier last concert EVER, at least for america) Matchbox 20, No Doubt, Beck, and Allanis Morrissette. Believe it or not, Allanis rocked the place, she was hands down the best performance. (although having gone mainly for Eurythmics, only to have VH1 fuck it all up cuz of thier damn helicopter flying overhead during Eurythmics time on stage. That was all well and good, however Eurythmics were doing an Acoustic set, and with the helicopter over them, they couldnt hear each other and cut thier set short!!!). Still, it was the best concert EVER!
  • Goo Goo Dolls back in 99 and Smashing Pumpkins last year. Goo Goo Dolls was one of the best, because it was the last thing my high school friends I did together. The SP concert was just a dream come true, because I never thought the pumpkins would play again since the break up in 00.
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