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How do you listen to music and watch videos on the go?

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  • I don't.

  • I got an Ipod for Christmas so when I'm on the go without a radio available that's usually what I listen too. I don't really care much about videos on the go but for me music is a must. It should especially come in handy later during summer with a few road trips my family wants to take. Both my parents get annoyed with the radio after long periods of time when traveling (usually fifteen minutes into the trip) so things get boring pretty quickly. Also, after a while it gets boring repeatly reaching over to search for a new town's station whenever we reach a different destination.

  • On my mp3, need to get an iPod classic...
  • If you mean by cell phone, I don't do that. I rather watch videos on the computer and/or the TV, and listen to music on the radio, TV, and/or computer. Plus the mp3 player. Other than that, it's pretty self-explanatory.

  • you dont, you just listen to music
  • I don't. I prefere to listen when I am alone and relaxed and as for videos there are very few that I find worth watching.

  • I have a zune for music, when I happen to keep it charged, something I haven't been doing lately. Burned cds, of music I have, don't like using the original cd in the car, end up scratched. I also have a portable dvd player with surprisingly came with a car charger. (Christmas gift) So if I happen to take them with me then that would be having it on the go. I also have my laptop of course for music and movie too.

  • Ipod or the radio/cd player in car. I don't really listen to music on the go. I would love to, but with the extreme stress of work, i have gotten away from doing things that i really love.  If it weren't for bills I would travel around the country or maybe even the world. Attending different cons or maybe even working them. Or I would move to texas and try to get into the anime business somehow.

  • I don't watch videos on the go. If I'm going to my girlfriends house then I take some DVD's with me. As far as music though I do not have an ipod or what have you. I just usually turn on the radio in the car but that's about it. Don't really listen to stuff on the go. At work I open up youtube and listen to some relaxing music while studying but that's about it.
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