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How do you listen to music and watch videos on the go?

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  • I don't.

  • On my mp3, need to get an iPod classic...
  • If you mean by cell phone, I don't do that. I rather watch videos on the computer and/or the TV, and listen to music on the radio, TV, and/or computer. Plus the mp3 player. Other than that, it's pretty self-explanatory.

  • you dont, you just listen to music
  • I don't. I prefere to listen when I am alone and relaxed and as for videos there are very few that I find worth watching.

  • I have a zune for music, when I happen to keep it charged, something I haven't been doing lately. Burned cds, of music I have, don't like using the original cd in the car, end up scratched. I also have a portable dvd player with surprisingly came with a car charger. (Christmas gift) So if I happen to take them with me then that would be having it on the go. I also have my laptop of course for music and movie too.

  • Ipod or the radio/cd player in car. I don't really listen to music on the go. I would love to, but with the extreme stress of work, i have gotten away from doing things that i really love.  If it weren't for bills I would travel around the country or maybe even the world. Attending different cons or maybe even working them. Or I would move to texas and try to get into the anime business somehow.

  • I don't watch videos on the go. If I'm going to my girlfriends house then I take some DVD's with me. As far as music though I do not have an ipod or what have you. I just usually turn on the radio in the car but that's about it. Don't really listen to stuff on the go. At work I open up youtube and listen to some relaxing music while studying but that's about it.
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