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Staying Connected

How does technology keep you in the loop throughout the day?

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  • It just plays in my head. Most of its guitar music of some sort, so I imagine myself playing lead.

  • It helps me stay in touch with important people in my life so they know i still care.

  • It's truly a more convenient way to keep up with others, it does put a hindrance in social ability in verbal communication. Since sending a fast text over calling someone has become the more norm on things and I fall prey to that one all the time. I am now able to check and respond to emails on my phone, which even I'm behind on tech, I don't have the most up to date phone. What I have works for me.
  • I have a computer on my desk at work and can check the news if I want. Although in the lobby we have the news and I am usually interested in what they are talking about, although I kinda preferred that channel they had on wiht live music acts like the Counting Crows. I have an "old school" slide-open phone and not a "smart phone" yet, buuuuut considering that Sprint has a technology plan that's $69.99/mo, which, with taxes, may only be $10 more than I'm paying now, I may do the smart phone thing. Although I'm not a technology and facebook whore. I like my arms distance away from technology sometimes. It keeps me grounded.

  • Checking Twitter and Facebook and Formspring help me learn what's up in other people's lives.
  • It doesn't, and I think that's a good thing. Being in pretty much any 'loop' (news, entertainment, even what friends are doing) all the time trivializes anything by being up to your ears in everything. Perspective is only gained by being able to escape the endless waves of detail. Gotta just sit and think now and again. Background: I have a laptop, ipad, ipod, and android phone, several desktop machines, and pretty much continuous network access. If I wanted to be 'in the loop throughout the day' I could. I'm not a Luddite, or a Stephen-Fry, I'm somewhere in the middle :-)

  • I suppose that that all depends. If I'm home, technology is pretty limited. At home, the way I stay connected is through the interwebz, via my computer. The lovely thing about where I live is that there's no cell reception, we don't have cable, and we don't even get regular TV. It's pretty lovely.

  • I use my cell phone and iPod to connect to the Internet when I'm away from my computer, so that I can access the news and stay in touch with people. It's usually very useful, considering that this semester it's not going to be possible for me to hide out in my dorm room as much between classes.

  • Samsung's doing the push maybe they'll notice and send me a phone or even a (10 inch tablet)!  The most useful thing about technology is th ability to stay in touch with each other from around the world, through e-mail and text messaging I can make sure everyone is taken care of.
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