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Must Have Gadget

What technology gadgets are on your wish list?

Answers (134)

  • Holographic screen for computer/tv.


  • Mmm, i'd like a Wii, a PS3, an Xbox... Besides that and a whole bunch of games, i really have all i need.
    I've got a laptop, a digital camera, a video camera, ipod, and (as of christmas) an e-reader. I have stereos, karaoke machine, tvs, dvd players. I'm pretty much all set. I mean, i guess looking through a Skymall thing or something, i could say, hey that would be cool. But generally? I'm all set.

  • Since my birthday is coming up, let me list a few. If I get the cash, I would buy a new lap top, speakers for my iPod and a television and DVD player for my apartment but its too expensive to get all that in one sitting besides, that will keep me away from my school work, so I will save all of that for later. Probably I can buy those when I get a stable job. 
  • An Ipad and a new computer.

  • I would absolutely love a 15" macbook pro with the 2.66 ghz processor and an ipad. Now, the macbook is an investment in my future as a techie, but the ipad is just for fun.  I'm actually waiting for a cooler version of the ipad: hoping that it might play flash and dvds one day. Then it would really take the cake as a portable device. Until then, my target goal is the macbook.  That will be on every Christmas list until it makes its way into my hands!

  • Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today! If I had won the lottery before the holidays, I would have loved to buy myself a huge flat screen TV. But alas, I did not win, and therefore am content with what I have.

  • The Kindle was, and now I have it.
  • A Star Trek transporter, of course. A medical tricorder would also come in handy.
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