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Immerse yourself in an online sport.

If you could immerse yourself in an online sport and get a real workout, what activity would you want it to be?

Answers (145)

  • parkour martial arts, asian dancing
  • Definitely something that would be active like; fencing, tennis, and anything resembling a sport in which you'd have to move a lot in.
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  • Quidditch.
  • Dancing. Is that even a sport? Well, I think dancing is a sport so I say dancing. But miniature golf is also fun to do. As well as bowling.

  • Basketball.
  • I think if facebook or something like LJ were an online sport, I'd love to do it. Or YouTube (because that's where most of my time goes anyway...)
  • I would create the ultimate hunting game. Man vs. Man with only a bowie knife. A jungle atmosphere or deserted island for the location, but then again any scenario could be loaded into existence. Using only the knife, a sense of strength for gutting and swinging would come into effect. Climbing and running would create a great cardio workout.However, other skills such as espionage or precision with a weapon to vital points would create a virtual training ground for survival. And at the end if you lose, you lose a life and not a real life. All in fun and dreams of becoming Brock Sampson.
  • I would play war ball if I could submerge myself in an online sport. You would have to trust me when I told you that I hit you with the ball...

  •  I love bowling. I am on a bowling league every wednesday night at luray lanes. our team is in 6th place and my avg is 178. One of the bust things about bowling is my Dad and I are on the same team and I get to spend time with him.
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