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Writer's Block

The name game

What's the origin of your username? If you could change it to anything else, would you, and what would it be?

Answers (1444)

  • hehehe~!! XD i'm contented with this username. it's meaningful nuff HAHA! :P the meaning is split into two parts. :D Hana = Myname :P kidding~ but really! =)))))) /i love their debut mv XDD HAHAHA!! jp = japan; johnny's (ent.), jpop, japonicana (jin akanishi's album) ;) and other stuffs i can't remember at the moment~! :))
  • абревиатура моего имени и фамилии.
  • before I use this username, I first use the killingdoll13 as my username. but because I forgot my password earlier, I change my username to be lady_beyonix13 I'm not going to change my username because through this username I was known by the people and friends... ^^
  • My username used to be "Namarie" actually! It came from the Lord of The rings: "Namarie" (that means "farewell")is what Galadriel tells Aragorn before the fellowship of the ring leaves Lothoriel, but you can see that scene just in the extended version of the movie. That's also the name of Galadriel's Lament.... I LOVE Tolkien as you can guess :p
    Anyway, if you're interested in "Namarie", just click HERE.

    The matter is I had to change that username because in a lot of places it was taken already! for instance, it was taken on twitter (and also here on LiveJournal, but I'm not sure about that).... so I turned it into "Nasmadie".

    Since I hate having a lot of different username (I prefer having just one) I decided to use "Nasmadie" and say farewell  *cries*  to "Namarie".

  • One day, about a year ago, I just randomly thought "Hey, TechnoGlitter would be an awesome username!" However, that was taken, so I had to use my secondary alternative.
  • The "rainbow" in my username is for gay pride. The "windsong" part is my Wiccan name. A friend helped me come up w/ it, to signify all the positive changes in my life, mainly getting sober and going back to school so I can become an addictions counselor.

  • Роман Цуприк мое имя и фамилия. Если менять то на Роман Цуприк :-) Собираюсь поискать полных тезок - Роман Цуприк х1000

  • This username came about when I was on a CLAMP reading spree and was really fascinated their series Lawful Drug, since there are hints of slash in the manga. The number 13 is because that is my favourite number.

    Hmm, today was also the royal wedding of Kate and William, which I watched on TV. I have to say that Kate is really, really pretty. Poor William has really lost a lot of hair. He looks so different from his pictures in the past. Kate (Catherine)'s siblings are very striking too. Her brother and sister are both so good-looking. Well, the service was a little boring, but I guess what counts is the experience. Plus, the extra clips on Princess Diana were really interesting too! You could see that she's a very generous person and a good mother, who was loved by the people. Though is it also evident that she is a person who is very open with her expressions, is head-strong and might (mind you, it's might) be a little wilful.

    I had my Maths for Business today, and it's totally like what I learnt during secondary school. The worst thing is that I've forgotten how to do most of the stuff, and I take a long time to do the problems. Looks like I really need a lot of practise... Sigh...

    Mah, on a much, much happier note, Monday is a public holiday! So this means that there's no school on Monday. It's a 3 day weekend! I'm so happy! I just watched Sekaiichi Hatsukoi anime yesterday - the first 3 episodes. I just have to say that it's as awesome as the manga, and really funny too. I've also been on a Final Fantasy VII fanfic roll, and a Naruto fanfic roll too. Other than that, there's not much to say, ehehehe.

  • I am a fan of Gary Levox of Rascal Flatts and my favorite # is 7 
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