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Writer's Block

I Spy...

Look around. Describe the first photograph you see. What does it mean to you?

Answers (110)

  •  It's a signed picture of David Duchovney. I wrote a letter yers ago...yeah...a fan letter...and in return I got this picture. He is one of my favorite actors, and the picture has been displayed in my room for almost six years...so I guess it's kind of cool

  •  From here the first photograph I can see is a portrait of my cat, Joey. I printed three copies of it after he died and gave one to each of my parents and framed one for myself.

    Next to Joey is an unframed picture of Josh. He's perched on a stump, barefoot and wearing a big fluffy black jacket. His head is cocked like that of a crow's.

    Less prominant is the framed picture of Liz that her family gave me after her death. I seem to only keep photographs of dead people and celebrities in my room.

  • So, I decided to make a new livejournal, because I can't remember my other usernames, nor the emails that I used for them. *Sigh.*

    But, since I'm creatively illiterate, I suppose this convenient Writer's block question will help me and my first fresh, new, and clean post!


    So, after reading the question, the only thing I could think of was to find my box of photographs, which conveniently hold a good number of pictures I've taken, and have been taken. Picking up the first unturned picture, I couldn't help but smile; it was a picture of me and my Grandpa! He had just finished mowing the lawn, you could tell from all the freshly cut grass and stuff. And I was squatting down by the fish pond we had, trying to stick my hand inside and reach for a fish. Boy, was I stupid.

    Anyway, I suppose the meaning of it, to me, is because it's something we shared. A moment that I have etched in the back of my brain, of me and my Grandpa. He was very special to me, and I'll never forget everything that he did for me. He spoiled me silly, that's for sure, because I was his granddaughter.


    ... I don't think I gave a straight answer. Oh well, at least I got something off my chest, which is something I suppose I need to start doing now-a-days anyway.
  • it's a photograph of me when i was a toddler and im at the old stanton playground with my grandmother and my aunt.
    it doesn't really have any significance as of now. but it just shows how much times have changed.
  • There arent any pictures near me, but the first one I think of is the one of Wayne and me when we went to Lake Isabella. This is definitely one of my favorite pictures. I look at the picture and think, "So this is what I look like when Im happy." I have a big grin on my face as Im being held in Waynes arms, not caring if we stayed in that position forever. I feel so protected and so loved. I wonder if I always look that radiant, because Wayne makes me feel like I am, and that picture shows that I really do glow when Im with him. And there's Wayne, looking so handsome, and I feel so lucky. We look so good together...perfect, even. He doesnt even look like he doesnt want to be in the picture lol :) which is a good thing! I look at this picture of us and realize how stupid I can get. I get mad over little things (although they seem big to me at the time) and say things that I really dont mean at all. Looking at us, I know we can get through anything together...Yea, we'll fight, fighting happens in every relationship, but our love will always get us through it. It already has :D
  • The photo is of my 3 boys sitting on the easter bunny's lap. Ill never forget it. It was my husbands first easter back from deployment. And my youngest who LOVES bunnies was so excited to be sitting in "the biggest bunny in the wolrd's" lap.
  •  The first picture I see is of Elizabeth Gablein. It means everything to me. It was my christmas present.<3 I love muh babeh. I'm so happy we became friends.<3
  • The first photograph I see is a picture of me and my brother when he was crying so I had to hold him. I think I was like 9 years old or something.
  • I see a picture of my girlfriend. What I see is the world around me, the rain, the waterfalls, the trees, the flowers, and the stars. They are the gods' attempts at mimicking the beauty that is chaos. The beauty that is love; the beauty that is her. Beauty is something that is allowed to exist only when the lack of control is also in existance. Something that is not controlled is real and nothing is as good as the real thing. She is the real thing. That is why I love her and that is what I see when I look at her picture. Beauty that has pulled away from the control that is in this world and trying to run everybody's lives.
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