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What was your favorite childhood cartoon, and why?

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  • Actually, I had 3 of them. "The Jetsons" because of all the cool technology. "The Flintstones" because of all the funny dialogue and cool, colorful animation. And "Jem" because the animation was amazing, the music was fun, and I loved all the characters, the good and the bad. I wanted a Synergy, who could change me into someone else. Very cool.

  • Союзмультфильм-лучшая студия в мире!!!

  • ANIMANIACS! HANDS DOWN! It was edcational and funny as all hell!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD TIMES! IT'S TIME FOR ANIMANIACS, AND THEY'RE ZANY TO THE MAX!!! LOL

  • Ну,погоди!

  • Ну,погоди!

  • sonic the hedgehog
  • I'm gonna have to segment this one... I had several favorites! Aahhh! Real Monsters was probably my ALL TIME favorite. Then: Rugrats Hey Arnold! Recess Arthur The Magic School bus! Doug Angry Beavers Kablam! Ed, Edd 'n Eddy! The Wild Thornberry's Pepperann Catdog Batman Pokemon ...

  • It is a toss up between Tiny Toons and David the Knome.
    Tiny Toons was becuase it was one of the few where there were female characters that weren't all housey and equal to the male characters. It was also pretty funny and memorable odd characters.

    David the Knome was more down to Earth cartoon that I just enjoyed and I guess it kind of had something to do with the fox being a common creature used in it.

  • my favorite childhood character is doraemon..! because he is amazing and cute.He has every gadget in his pocket:)) and is adventures are so cool :p..i wish i could have a pet like him...we both love hopia too:))


    Another is Tomoyo,my friends say that we have lots of similarities :p

  •  It would most definitely have to be, RUGRATS! I can't really answer the why part, I just always loved watching it. There was always cute adventures and messes the babies had to get out of. Plus, I have like 3 Playstation 1 Rugrat Games lol.
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