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Breaking the habit

What's your most debilitating insecurity? Do you think you'll ever overcome it?

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  • банально, но факт: страх за детей. опасность? скорее, предположение, что не смогу их уберечь физически и морально ото всех опасностей жизни в этом мире. преодолеть, однозначно, смогу, научив их всегда и во всем иметь своё мнение, защищать его, но в пределах разумного и только когда это имеет смысл. и ещё - защищать самих себя и близких, любимых людей! только так. знаю, что получится.

  • being out of control

  • Probably...that I'm more concerned about what other people think of me than what I think of myself. I know that sounds really bad, but it's true. For example, I changed the parting of my hair because I thought it looked worse in photos than it did in the mirror - in other words, it looked worse from the perspective of other people that from what I looked at in the mirror every day. Weird, right?

  • yea.. i had habit of bitting nails and already overcome it by always chewing gum(go gum)
  • stretch marks and nope

  • I think my biggest insecurity is the thinking that I am only valued by what I can do for people and not for who I am as myself.  I am always a work in progress, and every day I am working to value myself more, and in turn, expect that type of treatment from others.

  • Definitely my breasts. They're way too big. My boyfriend loves them, but that's for obvious reasons. I'm a 42DDD and it sucks. I have severe back issues and I'm always made fun of or getting in trouble for too much cleavage. I hate having to wear wicked high cut clothing everyday because of it. 

  • a lot of times i think that im a very uninteresting person && i do think i will get over it someday i just hope its soon!

  • I overthink things. probably not, but hey. im young, theres no saying whether or not thisll pass.
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