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Which films got unfairly snubbed by the Academy this year, and why?

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  • 127 часов. Остался без единой статуэтки. А фильм хорош. Куда лучше Миллионера из трущоб, за которого тот же режиссер пару лет назад получил половину оскаровских наград

  • Конечно, "Край"

  • Even though I do watch the Oscars every year, I can't really think of any movies off the top of my head. I just love that whoever came up with this question, according to their title, is obviously a Get Smart fan. ;)

    Personal Edit: Apparently, today is Get Smart day. On the second episode of the second hour of "Match Game," the question is "Maxwell Smart said, 'James Bond gets to fight great villains like Goldfinger. Me, I have to fight freaks like [Blank] finger.'" Also, Richard does a fantastic Maxwell impersonation.

  • однозначно "Начало!"

  • Uh... didn't watch and I barely know what  the "Academy" is. Therefore  I cannot provide an accurate answer. Sorry (:  

  • Считаю, что незаслуженно обойденным стал фильм А.Учителя "Край". Фильм потрясающий и с точки зрения сценария, и режиссуры и особенно актерского исполнения. А уж про гонки паровозов и говорить нечего. Где еще такое увидишь?

  • Ahem. Christopher Nolan.

    Mila Kunis for Best Supporting Actress.

    Ryan Gosling for Best Actor.

    The Town.

  • Arthur and the Great Adventure.

    The first two movies were great and the books were amazing! They let the first movie come out and it didn't really get much watchers. The second movie didn't even come out at all! Advertisements came out for this movie like a month before for only two or three days, then they got taken down and replaced by some scorpion king or whatever the heck it was! The third movie didn't even get to cinema's! Now myself and other Arthur fans have to go through the trouble of waiting for the DVD because you can almost NEVER find a good way to watch it online. It really is a great story/plot so I don't understand why they would take it down! I can honestly say, I don't know whether this movie was chosen/removed by opinion, vote or the cinema's themselves, but still! It wouldn't hurt to at least have one superb extra movie in there, no? 
    Plus all of them are great family movies and as for the books, they're great stories to read to your children at bedtime or just whenever the heck you want!
    /end rant.
  • "Начало"
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