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If your parents were transformed into their true animal spirits, what animals would they be?

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  • Mom: Tiger Ox Dad: Stuck-up Cock/Rooster just like his sign lol

  • If my parents were transformed into true animal spirits my dad would be probably a dog or a lion and my mother would be eagle or a lioness.

  • My mom is a very chaotic person. She would be like a small critter, perhaps a squirrel. Always running around, hiding secret stashes of nuts because hey, the world is an awfully inpredictable place and you HAVE to be prepared for everything, otherwise you'll never make it..
    My dad is more like an owl. He's a bit eccentric, perhaps, but most of the time wise and he thinks before he says something. This can make him quiet sometimes, but he's smart and efficient.

  • For my dad I believe that would be an American Buffalo, or at least that is the one that he is mostly associated with the days. They are stubborn and methodical and are known as spiritual awakening...or something close to it. They are also creatures who draw people to them and bring attention to themselves even when they aren't trying. I don't think I've even seen a person just drive on past them when they are in the sighted.

    My mom on the other hand would be completely different. Maybe a cougar/mountain lion. She doesn't like to be socail at all with those who aren't immidaitely connected to her by blood, and even then it would be limited. She can also be very protective of the young and her children and heaven help anyone who crosses her. Between the two she is definately the scariest one to set off and knowing what I've observed you can guarentee some scares. Even kittens scratch when they play and not realize the hurt you, are offended if you state that they hurt.

  • Hands Down My Dad Would Be An Ass.
    And My Mom A Ram.

  • Летучими мышами-вампирами.

  • Haha, oh my goodness. I love this question.

    I'm pretty sure that my mother would be a horse. Maybe a stallion. Just because she's beautiful but, oh my word is she stubborn. 

    And she will buck you off and kick your ass if you try anything with her. But if you're loyal and loving, she'll reciprocate the feelings.

    My dad would either be a lion or an ass.

    His roar is usually scarier than his bite. And well, haha, I'm pretty sure an ass is self-explanitory.


  • (( For the Writer's Block sections, I will be answering them as different OCs of mine :3  fair warning, a lot of them are from feudal times so certain questions probably won't be as entertaining as others would be T_T))

    Cain:  I think my father would be a bear: he's strong and intimidating, very protective of his family and an excellent provider.  My mother would be a mouse: nervous, but very very smart and clingy to her young.  *slight guilt*

    Hiromi:  I didn't know much about my father, but I think that he probably would have been a wolf.  He was very cunning, extremely intelligent and diligent in planning.  My mother would have been a dove; she was beautiful and fragile, very affectionate.

    Mikai:  Quite simple: father would be a hawk and mother would be a deer.  

    Naota:  Father would be an eagle: regal, cunning, a skilled hunter and killer, whereas mother would be a snake.  And that definitely isn't meant in a negative way: she's smart, fast, elusive, hard to catch, and skilled in deceit when she needs to be.

    Shana:  Mama would have been...well it's hard to say since I didn't know her for long, but I think she would have been a horse.  She was beautiful and strong, and extremely protective.  Father...he'd be a snake, and that isn't meant in a positive light like my friend above me.

    Najma:  *writes out his response*  ~Well dad always made me think of a rabbit: he's happy a lot, and fun to be around, but!  He's smarter than most people give him credit fo
    r, always planning, always trying to find a safe environment for his family.  Mother makes me think of a bull: smart, passionate, protective, but too angry and impulsive when threatened.~

    Dimitri:  This is a hard one...well, my mom is very fragile and seems to be scared a lot of the times, overly worried and stressed out in a sad way...I'm not really sure what animal that would make her though.  I guess she'd be...a fish?  That's not very flattering, physically, I suppose, but they are very skittish, constantly it seems.  Dad...he's hard too.  I think he'd be similar to a lion; always trying to find the safest life for his family, but can be a bit demanding of his offspring, or I should say, demanding that his offspring be accepted.  I guess both of them are difficult to pinpoint.

    Lee:  Wow this one's hard.  Umm...let's see, odosa would be a fox: skittish but very smart and fun to cuddle with, often seen as something very adorable to others.  Okasa would be a wolf: beautiful, protective, affectionate, but when a wolf is mad they're scary as shit.  *laughs a little*
  • My mom would be a bear. i'm not sure what my dad would be. my first impulse is to say he'd be a lemming, don't ask why.

  • I'm not sure about my father, but I get the feeling my mother would be a turtle. An insane turtle. Don't know why.

    Ada... a dog, maybe? One of those ones that's all YAY HI I LOVE YOU LET'S GO TAKE A WALK :D before someone ticks him off and then he's all GRRR GO AWAY MY BONE

    ...Okay. These are getting progressively terrible. Time for bed.
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