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What were your favorite books as a child, and why?

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  • Well,my favourite books as a child, was the Enid Blyton books.I liked reading them as they were great to kill time with as  there were many interesting short stories in it.The stories often had moral values with it and my mum would always agree to buy these books for me.Thus,the books by Enid Blyton were my my favourite books as I could choose to buy any one of the Enid Blyton books.The books also enriched my sense of imagination and hence,after reading one of the stories,I would imagine myself in it too.I loved it as it made playtime really fun where me and my friends imagined ourselves doing all the adventures the characters in the Enid Blyton books did.
  • Дочка сетует - Мама, проси прощенья, - почему? - За то что ты посоветовала мне читать Приключения Буратино, а книжка оказалась такaia короткая.."

  • урфин джюс и его деревянные солдаты

  • Definitely Enid Blyton! And I have really no idea why. I guess I liked adventure. Now, I'm way into fantasy. Seems I prefer immersing myself in a dream world than dealing with reality. That's why I want to be an author. If your good enough you actually get paid for living in your own imagination.
  • I was horse-crazy as a young'un, so of course I read just about every horse-related book, fiction and non-fiction, that I could find. But the series I kept coming back to, over and over, was the "Black Stallion." My Aunt Mary gave me the first book in the series when I was...eight or nine years old, IIRC, and from there, through my local bookstore and the local library, I managed to read (and re-read) the series over and over again. Saw the movies ("The Black Stallion" and "The Black Stallion Returns") in the theater when they came out, and I still own the Black Stallion Breyer horse. I even have several books from the series in my bedroom somewhere, including the original "Black Stallion" book she gave me. :) I hear that Walter Farley's son Steven has taken over writing for the series, with mixed reviews. I haven't read any of Steven's solo offerings in the series, but... Here's hoping he has better success than Anne McCaffrey's son Todd is having taking over the "Dragonriders of Pern" series. :P

  • "Where The Wild Things Are" was my favorite book. I still have a copy of it in my room. I don't really know why though, because, now that I'm older and look at it, it was a really lame, simple and confusing book. Seriously, I was a whacked out kid.

  • I remember loving The Magic Roundabout books and I still have them. Although I don't particularly know why. Sometimes it's difficult to pinpoint why you like something.

    I also loved Enid Blyton's Magic Far Away Tree book series which I read all of more than once. They were interesting and magical and exciting! I still have them in my bookcase but they are written in such an old style that is so odd tp try and read now.
  • The first book I think about when I remember the books I had as a child is always, My Goodnight Book. I'm not sure when I got my copy, but it's a board book, so I'm assuming it was before I could actually read. On the cover is a little girl in her pajamas, holding a teddy bear by its arm. It reminds of when I was little, when my grandma would sew me nightgowns and robes similar to the one the girl wears, and I would carry around "Snuggles." My absolute favorite book was given to me by my mom for Christmas one year. It says copyright 1989, so I'm assuming that's the year I got it. It's called, "My Special Christmas: A Personalized Story About You and Santa," and the first page reads:
    Throughout the book, it tells the story of how "Kimi" travels to different countries, collecting letters from Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Pere Noel, Kriss Kringle, and Baboushka. In the end, Kimi discovers that the letters spell "P-E-A-C-E," and she learns another meaning of Christmas. It mentions my birthday, my cat (Honey), and the street I lived on as a child. It will forever be one of my favorite books, because of the amount of personalization that went into it. As a child, it was "my story."

  • Well, when I was really small I liked Cinderella and even had the book memorized . . . I corrected my mother when she misspoke, apparantly. ^^;

  • К Книжкам у меня совершенно особое отношение, нежели чем к каким-либо другим предметам. Такое отношение, специфическое, прививала мне мама, долго и упорно, как мне кажется. И, возможно, что-то у нее вышло...
    Люблю перечитывать всякие детские книжки. ОТ Карлсона до Гарри Поттера, как раз сейчас этим и занимаюсь. Что-то в них есть.
    Особенно мне нравилась книжка, которую я также недавно перечитала, Сказки Диснея. Огромная, толстая, большая книженция, с картинками и множеством ошибок. О да - это была моя любимая.
    Ну и про хоббитов, естественно... Мордор - брр, там страшно :)) 
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