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Writer's Block


How could you?

Would you ever take someone back after they cheated on you, and why? What could change your mind?

Answers (904)

  • Сегодня думается, что НЕТ, т.к. при потере доверия отношения не имеют для меня смысла. но научилась никогда не говорить никогда. остается только надеяться, что мою теорию не придется проверять на практике ;).

  • Не обижайся, но ты задрал(а) уже с этим вопросом!

  • The answer is: ABSOLUTELY NOT. Once a cheater, always a cheater! If they loved you to begin with, then they would have never done such a thing to you. Nothing they could SAY or DO would change my mind. They made their bed, so they can lay in it! They best be hitting the road, that is all I can say. I've been cheated on before and it was awful. My heart felt like it was ripped out and torn into a bunch of little pieces. It isn't fun to be with someone that you think loves you then find out he is seeing someone else behind your back. NOT FUN AT ALL!

  • that actually happened to me several years ago.  all i can say is, if you really love the person, give it another try. it may sound stupid to some people but once you are in that situation, you'll know what to do. a perfect relationship is really hard to find these days. i know so many good people who, either kissed another girl without their gf knowing it or tried hooking up with a different one while they are on a fight and he was drunk. believe me, those things REALLY happen even to good people. in a world like this, nobody's ever perfect.

    so.. i didnt give him another chance because ive had enough of it. not only cheated on me, he had also hit me in the past. i had to protect myself even if he was the love of my life (at that time) and i've missed him for years.

    so for your question, i think it's really up to the person. besides, they are the only ones who will always  know what really happened between them. they may tell stories about their realtionship and they may ask for different opinions, but at the end of the day, it's really up to the two of them.

  • I find it extremly hard to trust people, like, literally, There have been many people who have talked behind my back and cheated on me in all sorts of ways, big or small, and just after that I don't trust them. What is hard to gain in the first place is vvery hard, if not impossible (for me, at least) to gain later again. And not to be like snooty or whatever, but all the people I trust in the world can be counted in my fingers. And the only person I trust a 110% is me, becuase even is something goes wrong, I know I'll always be with myself (am I sounding like a psychopath yet?) But I trust my family, my best friends, my boyfriend who is also one of my best friends (Yes, Eve, he actually called me his 'girl' I actually, well, mentally, burst in to tears then :D, tell you on msn) and well, duh, my dogs. And to come to the point:  No, I can never trust anyone after they have cheated on me. The only way I can trust them is if they were purposely drugged by someone else and they didnt know, then maybe. 

  • That depends on circumstance and personal sense of self worth I'd guess.

    If the cheater had always been good, respectful, loving and responsible with your heart prior to the offense.. There's a good chance it was a speed bump followed by a giant pot hole.

    If the cheater had always been a douche, then they would become a used douche and would require disposal

  • Я бы нет...я очень злапаметная и никогда не прощаю обиды.
  • I wouldn't take someone back after they'd cheated on me. I was with someone for two and half years, and after he cheated on me, I had absolutely no interest in continuing our relationship. Of course, in that situation, his cheating was a sign it was time for our relationship to end. I suppose it is possible for two people to lose their way, at least as far as being a couple is concerned, and when one of them cheats on the other, it serves as a wake up call; however, I hope I never find myself in that situation.

  • It's a very old question, I know, but a couple of days ago, I was actually talking about this with my boyfriend, (triggered by an issue between a couple of friends).
    I guess, I would have to let them go - it would be obvious I wasn't filling their requirements any longer, so why did they need me? Then my boyfriend mentioned being drunk, and to be honest, I guess I'd feel the same way. Why would anyone need to get so drunk they didn't realise who they were fucking, y'know? I'd be distraught about having to let them go, but I'd have to.
    What could change my mind? I really don't know.

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