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Writer's Block

Nothing to fear but fear itself

What's your deepest, darkest fear? Have you tried to overcome it?

Answers (930)

  • shyness, speaking up, yes

  • It's not really dark.  It's just my hugest fear.

    Which would be, social situations.  They freak me out.  Probably because of social anxiety.  I don't know, I was never diagnosed or anything.  But I'm 98% sure that it's the problem.
    Anyway, I will do anything to get out of social situations, or public speaking,.
    Just now.  I didn't finish an English project because we'd have to share them.  I started crying in class because she told us that we'd have to present them for a grade.  No one noticed, thankfully.  But anyway, I didn't finish it so I would have an excuse to not present it.  Breanna told me I could work it out to only present it to Mrs. Fyksen, but I can't even do that.

    And I would try to overcome it, but I really don't know how.  I'm afraid of being like this for the rest of my life.
  • не вырастить из детей достойных и счастливых людей. глупо стараться с этим бороться. стоит лишь прикладывать усилия для минимизации причин опасаться ;).

  • 1) That I'll die before I've found love.

    2) That my Grandma will die. It's inevitable - I mean, she's 84, for crying out loud - but i still don't even want to think about it.

  • Been alone. I have this horrible fear that I'll never find someone that I deserve to be with. I have low self esteem and feel like I'd never be good enough for someone to love for a long period of time. I feel like they'll realize over time that they deserve better. I'm not really sure how to over come it. Other then try be in long term relationship.

  • My deepest, darkest fear- there are many....
     I'm really afraid of drowning. I'm afraid of water period. Ever since when I was on vacation in Tampa Bay, Florida. Me and my friend were swimming and I stepped on something slippery and slimmy. I looked down and it was a dead baby shark or a really big fish. I haven't been able to go in water since.
    I'm also really afraid of planes. I love traveling but I'm always afraid the plane's gonna fall out of the air. I remember when I was flying home from L.A. last summer and it was storming. I could see the lightning flashing underneath us in the clouds and the plane was shaking. I was freaking out.
    I'd also be afriad if I saw a snake. They just freak me out!!! They're so gross and creepy!!! They freak me out.

    Idk how i'm supposed to overcome my fears.

  • Necrophobia in a nut shell.

    You could be dying in my arms, i"ll be fine until you're dead. You can't put me in a graveyard in the day time, at night... I don't even know how that would go down. Its kind of ironic with how many zombie movies I watch.

    As for dying myself... I try not to think about it too much. Now yes I believe in God and I do believe theres something more than this, there has to be (but we won't get into that now) I suppose it's just the idea of eternity that scares me.

    I remember someting of Greek mythology, now I don't remember what story or character it was but they said "The God's envy us because we're mortal"
    It makes sense... hm I could ramble on and on about this but we'll leave it at that for now, maybe I'll come back to this eventually.
  • *laughs!!!!* Definitely not something I'm going to reveal on a public forum like this, thanks. And yes, I've been working to overcome it for a while now.

  • What immediately springs to mind is cockroaches. I hate them and their bloody little feelers... But I suppose that what I really hate about them is the way they make me feel all creepy-crawly and disgusted. Yes, I know they're clean. They're still gross.

    The other thing is heights, but only certain heights. I have no qualms about climbing trees or poles (ladders, however, are out. I would rather shimmy up a pole to get onto a roof than climb a ladder). What I hate is being on a flat surface with nothing to hang onto. When I stay in hotels, on, say, sixth floor, I'll quite literally sit on the floor to look out the window; ditto balconies (I don't think railings are strictly safe). I don't trust my feet, and I don't trust myself not to fall forwards, through the window, down down down. Gah. I used to be fine, until one day when I was 13. I climbed a pallet of beer to get something for Dad, and the box slipped out from under me. I fell, cracked my head on a keg, and haven't been the same since.

    I also fear being alone. Nobody loving me. But that will never happen............

    My biggest fear, though, is death. Terrifies the absolute hell out of me. I mean, yes, I know we all die, doesn't mean I have to accept it. I just sometimes wonder what happens. If I just stop. Because if I stopped, there would be no point. It just, scares me, the thought that the world will just continue whether I'm here or not. No, I don't want the world to explode because I'm dead, I just... I don't know. It's scaring me thinking of it now, actually. I'll stop.

    Ah, those cockroaches....

    PS I forgot to mention my panicked reaction to bikes coming up behind me. I get quite jittery, and can't go walking/jogging without my iPod just in case I hear them. You might think it'd be safer to hear the bikes; nay. Traumatic childhood incidents involving two boys on bikes rahdee-rah. So, hearing bikes just upsets me. Mainly because this is the only time I think about said incidents.
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