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If you could have a conversation with any animal in the world, living or dead (such as a childhood pet), which animal would you choose?

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  • I'd choose my very own pup, Einstein. :-) Mostly because I'm a complete sap. I could ask how I could make him happier!

  • I think i would like to have a conversion with a lion as being a cat lover talking to one of these big beasts would be fun.

  • С кошками  ,особенно белого цвета ( мой тотем --Белый  Кот )
    .Милые животные,вы достойны нашей благодарности за тяжкий труд служения людям  и вы  несете свой крест на Земле,так же как и мы,люди.
    Когда встретите белого кота или кошку,загадывайте  желание,учитывая все мелочи -непременно сбудется. Попробуйте!.
    Черный -не предвещает ничего хорошего.
    Рыжий кот - нейтральное событие, в итоге все разрешается и сохраняется равновесие.
    Полосатый кот -наступает время перемен и неустойчивость ваших позиций.  Могу продолжить,если кого то заинтересует.

  • C КОШКАМИ!!!!!!

  • Oh my God, definitely my childhood pet, my cat Tigger. I really want to know what was going through his mind in that home video that shows me at age 4 with my head on his back, 'stroking him' - a combination of hitting him and pulling his fur. And he just lay there, his ears back and his tail swishing but making no move to go anywhere!  Or maybe that time not long after when I accidentally shut his tail in the kitchen door and chopped half of it off (no joke).....
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