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Do you believe society will ever truly overcome racism?

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  • year 3000 maybe

  • советую посмотреть научно популярный документальный

    Прощай, Африка! / Africa addio (1966)

    и задайтесь вопросом а что изменилось за 50 лет

  • Even if we do overcome racism, specifically, we'll move onto something else - religious discrimination, homophobia, discrimination against the mentally ill or physically handicapped. The problem is bigotry, and the fact that, like in the (factual) story Maus, someone Jewish who's faced the fucking holocaust up close and personal can turn around and be racist against black people. People can't extrapolate. They don't seem to understand that the most sickening, horrible behavior they've ever faced is exactly what they're doing, just because the specific words being used are different.

    Fuck, even people who don't face bigotry have had conversations with hateful fucking people, right? How they do not recognize it, understand how horrible it is, I don't know, but they just don't.

    So no. I don't think so.

    Maybe for a hundred years, someday. But then we'll get through all the other kinds of bigotry that we'd distracted ourselves with, and it'll be racism's turn to reign supreme once more.

  • Я ОЧЕНЬ НА ЭТО НАДЕЮСЬ!!!ОЧЕНЬ!!!Было бы прекрасно, я каждый день прохожу мимо метро и мне очень обидно видеть, когда чернокожий (раздающий листовки) убегает с испуганным видом по переходу!Обидно за них, они тоже люди...

  • I think society will never truly overcome racism, since there are more people on Earth than there are of the number of races/nationalities. Racism has lasted for an awful amount of time, and I think we all understand that everyone's a bit racist there are different minds out there with different opinions.
  • Wish, yes. Believe, no.

  • I think it has to... Otherwise it could mean the end of mankind!

    Tommy Patterson Band Director

  • Society will never overcome any form of discrimination. We all say that we don't judge and that we don't have a distaste for another thing person, race, gender, or anything along those lines. But, within the first moments of SEEING not only talking to someone you make a quick judgment. Be it because of their skin color, the way they dress themselves, and even just those they keep around them. You automatically assume what that person is going to be like when you look at them. The issue is getting over that and attempting to find out who that person is aside from your original assumptions.

  • Я бы очень хотела в это верить,но врятли это можно остановить...
  • I think so. People first need to be find humor in hating each other for such trivial things in the first place. and people should stop taking themselves so seriously and taking words so personality. I know words can hurt sometimes but don't give the person who said it to have such power over you.
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