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Do you think parents should have the right to post public pictures and videos of their children on the Internet? Why or why not?

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  • "well that on everybody mind lately, In this new age of technology we live in. It seen with social networking web suites; we're more addiction to share our where abouts to the world. funny thing we do not even realize we're do it... oddly enough it seen incense to share our thoughts, idea, pix and video's of our love one's. Well as a parent we should  be proud on what we are work tore everyday, to see  our kids milestones  comes togather, so more likely as human we embraced that  to our family and friends, it give us purpose on our own milestones too. However, we do not think about who looking for from other side of the looking glass. unforunately, we can't help that... their is "GOOD and EVIL" out there where ever we go. Why? worry about it... Yes you can emai them to our family and friends, but how would we know if somebody from the looking glass saw them too, or we can go back to the stone age and print the pixs and mail them out, who know if the mail carrier could of s]mistakely deliver it to the looking glass. For all the parents out there embraced your children's you got one shot then it's on to the next one...

  • Pedo Bear!

  • Well we all know it ends up being a recklass idea, but if there wasn't that many sick people in the world then this wouldn't a problem. Parents should have the right to put pictures/videos of their children on something like facebook so other family members far from them can view them.
    But I am always sickened by the fact there is people there who stalk these images and use them for their own sick ways. So in the end, I think parents need to think very hard about whether they want to do that or not. Just emailing them to others rather than posting them on a social network.

  • Ну не знаю...когда это необходимо,то да.
  • No,parents really shouldn't post pictures of their children. Especially not without the consent of the child. My mom posts a bunch of pictures of my family on Facebook, and I often have to untag myself because I don't want the strangers on her Facebook to know who I am and what I look like. Call me paranoid, but I don't want my picture out there on the Internet. This is why my picture here is a turtle and my Facebook picture is of baby ducks. I don't want to be seen online, especially on Facebook. I value my anonymity too much for that.

  • This question obviously raises a lot of controversy. I'd have to say...absolutely. If you want to share the joys of your own children across the world, then have at it. Your children are pretty much your property (I don't say this lightly, but in a sense...yes...) until they reach legality. Even then, though, they are still yours. Maybe not in a "property" sense, but in a parenting way. Your children are yours, and overused meme is overused. If they don't want you to share pictures and videos of them, they'll say so. If they don't, then feel free to do as you wish. As long as it's not pornography, it's not illegal. Why shouldn't we allow parents the privilege of sharing their pride and joy? And yes, I said privilege. It's not a right. It's a privilege.

  • Yeah, I guess so cause children don't really care for that because they don't really know what their doing, but when they grow up they will know and want it off the internet at once :D

  • Я бы сказал их нельзя лишать такого права. Право это у них безусловно есть, а вот захотят и будут ли они использовать его... Мне кажется очень даже должны. Нельзя ребенка с раннего возраста лишать какой-либо возможности в чем-то себя проявить, в данном случае это будет проявление каких-то его артистических способностей, может он там танцует на видео или невероятно фотогеничен. Пусть станет лицом обложки какого-нибудь "родительского" журнала. У любой творческой деятельности должен быть результат, если это все будет храниться только в "сундуке" для близкого круга людей, то может оставить определенный психологический отпечаток на дальнейшем развитие личности.
    Но это всего лишь мое мнение :)

  • yes, i think they should hv the right but they should use that right wisely and not misuse their rights. if a parent as an adult is not behaving justly, then children will get the same ideas too.

  • yes... for the same reason that they are the ones who can sign off on letting their kids be child actors
    or to sign off for letting their kids have some kinds of surgeries,
    or being able to sign off on ANYTHING that has to do with their child.
    I don't necessarily agree in full with the whole parents have complete say over their child until 18,
    but that's our system and if I am to play by the rules, then yes they have the right to post pictures/videos.
    I mean, in all situations in which parents have the right to their child, there comes a level of responsibility,
    and I can only hope the grown adult parents show some.
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