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When was the last time you had a serious conflict with someone on LiveJournal, and what was it about?

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  • I've never had any conflicts with anyone via LiveJournal.  Sure, we may all have had different opinions about the very different topics presented in writer's block each day, but that has never lead to any conflicts.

  • not very long ago actually. ended up in us deleting eachother. she had been trying to steal my boyfreind and i then she decided to not be his friend and became immature about so i had a go at her, she wrote a post about it i argued back. i wrote a different post and she wrote. in the end i had enough deleted her then found out that to get her off my page she had to delet me to. i said something like you can't blame tony for your unhappiness and what happened to you being able to choice to be happy and she deleted me. never to speak or see eachother again. she was a good freind for a while too.

  • When you buychildren storage baskets, you should pay particular attention to the below 3 points. In the first place, you would better select multicoloured storage baskets, including red, green, yellow and pink. In the second place, the sizing of storage baskets had better be little or mini. At Long Last, there would better be several cute and small decorations around the storage baskets, like hello kitty, mickey mouse, Garfield cats, and so on.

  • Well, the Female Computer Hacker asked for a Hawiian punch and was punched in the face by a weirdo with strange red hair.  Well, she asked for a Hawiian Punch after all.  She was late for cheerleading tryouts at the nearby university.  All the girls who drank V8 juice got recruited for cheerleaders.  All the girls, including the Female Computer Hacker didn't get chosen because they didn't drink V8 juice.  The Female Computer Hacker slapped her forehead with her right palm and said, "I should've drank a V8."  
    Anyway, a trip to the grocery store was weird.  A male senior citizen employee scolded her for squeezing the Charmin Toilet Paper.  An old woman tried to shove both hands into Palmolive Dishwashing Soap.  It turns out that Palmolive softens hands while doing the dishes.  Groaning with discomfort, the Female Computer Hacker went home without purchasing anything.  The next morning, I arrived in her apartment with her apartment keys that I already owned and made coffee.  Despite being fast asleep, she sprung awake when she smelled the coffee.  That's because the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.  As she walked into the kitchen still in her nightgown I suggested that we eat breakfast at McDonalds because she deserved a break today.  So the Female Computer Hacker and I got out to get away.  
    Ok, I know that this fictional story wasn't what you were expecting.  However, it's the best I could come up with at a short notice. 

  • I was pretending to tend bar at an alcohol tavern when a Female Computer Hacker approached me.  The Female Computer Hacker said, "Can I have a light?"
    I took a lamp and I shoved it in her face.  I said, "Here is your light.  That will be $5.00 please.  Exact change please and no twenty dollar bills."
    The Female Computer Hacker said, "No, I wanted a Bud Light."
    I removed the lamp from her face and handed her a bottle of Bud Light.  I replied, "You should've been more specific.  If you're not drinking Bud Light, everything else was just a light."
    After a sexual makeout session in the Men's Bathroom, I walked off the job without clocking out.  The Female Computer Hacker and I made out in the Female Computer Hacker's apartment while listening to John Denver albums all night long.  Rocky Mountain High got repeat play.
    Ok, this fictional story wasn't the sort of thing you were looking for.  I'm still a virgin and I never tended bar.  I'm never that rude to people while on the timeclock.  Still, this was the best I could come up with at a short notice.

  • Oh my gawd never. But I totally want this to happen. I love drama. Somebody make me mad: QUICK!

    These are the top ten things that throw me into a nerd rage-- in order of importance:

    1. Girl's don't play WoW
    2. My Shih Tzu isn't a real dog
    3. Inner Space was better than Fantastic Voyage
    4. Janeway was the best Star Trek captain
    5. Hating Napoleon Dynamite because it was a 'stupid movie about idiots'
    6. Twilight
    7. Harry Potter is the devil
    8. Counting Star Wars 1-3 in with Star Wars 4-6 (making them equals, which they obviously are not).
    9. Drawing Furry art makes me a Furry
    10. Telling me that the book was better than the movie.

    Okaaaay.... GO! 


  • A writng club I like to smooz` recently almost dissolved during,what was for the group,an animated vigorous discussiion about text codeica. None of the women wanted to use as a fictional literary template the old book
    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn . Two of the five males insisted the text become the primary fictional pattern for use when you are jammed-up-and-cannot think of anything to write. It got intense. I was only an observer,so perhaps this does not properly answer the Writer`s Block. Real intense.{[CR _ 5771:04.29 ??? We are in trouble again with the date. gc admitts he only guessed at L`s perion cycle. His calculation is at best a logically correct guess.]}

  • Общение без "кулаков" возможно только между людьми с одинаковым мировоззрением, да и то случается, что повздорят. Что уж тут говорить о людях с противоположными точками зрения. Тут без бури не обойтись. Только ведь не бури надо боятся, а того нежелания слушать собеседника, которые бывает нередко. Желание чтобы тебя понимали должно бок о бок идти с желанием понимать других. Этого нам часто не хватает. А в ЖЖ у меня конфликтов не было. Не вижу смысла в беседах с тем, кто стремится исключительно к монологам, кто не хочет видеть, слушать и понимать других. Учиться общаться надо с детства. Может быть надо даже такой предмет в школе ввести?

    Сегодня Рождество! 
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