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What are your New Year's resolutions? Do you think you'll stick to any of them? If so, for how long?

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  • My new year's resolution is to quit smoking pot until I graduate in may. I am working on my senior thesis and I can't do it when my head is in a fog. It sucks! But as soon as I get that diploma, I am smoking a fat B. 

  • By the time this year is over I'd like to have many things complete!
    1.I need to finish my cosplay.
    2.I don' t want to flunk school
    3.Get a summer job
    4. Otakon 'nuff said.
    5. Plan various activities with my friends
    6. At least try to finish one of my comic series.
    7. Learn how to skate with roller blades again
    ....hm this may be it.
  • My New Year's resolution is to be more hard working. To be more happy. Hmmm... and a lot of more things. I don't know. So far it's not going the way it's suppose to go. I mean...like....hmmm...I'm still very lazy. I don't like to do anything. I've tried hanging out with my brother and try to get everything done before hand. I tried reading again. That's not working either. I don't know for some reason every time I try to do something fun like this sense of dread comes over me. Which makes me unhappy. It's hard to change or do something that's not the norm. 

  • Saved while trying to verify the E-mail.

  • Just two things.. Be ahead of time and stay focus. Having all these, everything will follow, everything will be okay.
  • Курить так и не бросил(((

  • I didn't make new year's resolutions this time around. I have a hard time sticking to them so why bother. I did decide to always try and be positive a few days later so I guess you can call that a resolution.

  • Я не давала обещаний. Но вот я пожелала...

  • А я млин, вообще забыла что-то загадать и пообещать..к 12 часам я уже такааааая пьянющая была, просто как никогда. Помню только что громче всех пела гимн и УРААааа, но помню точно, что до н.г. примерно за 6-7 часов, пообещала точно изменить жизнь(но что-то пока не получается)) и бросить курить и стать хорошей, не материться и не ругаться. Вот вопрос о том, надолго ли, фиг его знает, хотя не курить надолго не получится, вот уверенна!
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