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What is the best returning TV show of 2010? How long before it jumps the shark?

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  • imo  supernatural

  • We all know there's only one valid answer: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS!

    Muy caliente. ;) 

  • Truth? I'm loving Community. It's original, it's HILARIOUS without being super inappropriate, I can relate to all the characters, it's quotable as fuck... I'm going with Community.  SPN, you are my forever girl, but I've gotta be honest here. This show is knocking my socks off.
  • I'd say Fringe is my favorite, and I think it'll hang on for a bit. Doctor Who should be promising, at least until they pick a twelfth doctor. I do believe that the return of Torchwood will suck, cause they're moving from Cardiff to states. Ahh well.

  • Hands down faves:

    1. Law and Order: SVU
    2. Supernatural
    3. The Vampires Diary
    4. Dexter

    Whats looking good:
    1. Fringe
    2. The Walking Dead
  • http://timenerdworld.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/586_archer.jpg Seen as the makers jumped the shark more than once on their previous productions, makes saying when this will do the same, or if they've already done that.

  • Futurama, all the way. I still can't believe it's back, and I couldn't be happier about it. I'm not sure a show like this really can "jump the shark." I mean, have you SEEN this show?
  • In order: 1) Castle: Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion are awesome. I think everybody's worried that it might if and when Beckett and Castle finally get together, but I don't think it would. 2) Smallville: It probably already did jump the shark many times over like most CW network shows, but this final season has been great so far. 3) South Park: Always funny.

  • I would say Castle. It's still entertaining, yet simple, and the characters are still very well drawn. I can see this going on for 4 or more seasons.

    Honourable mention would be Dexter, but I think it was the worst season of the show yet (it or 3). The finale was very disappointing... I can see that going on for another season though (hopefully not 7, the show has run it's course).

  • I don't follow television.
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