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You're my best friend

Who was your best childhood friend, and where are they now?

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  • Нет и никогда не было, к сожалению. Для меня лучший друг-это человек, которому я смогла бы полностью довериться, но такого человека пока нет. С другой стороны я тоже должна проявлять инициативу и учиться (  не бояться) доверять людям.

  • People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.
    When you figure out which it is, you know exactly what to do.

    Кто был лучшим другом, тот им и остался, хоть судьба и раскидала нас по всему свету. А кто "потерялся", значит просто Другом не был, а был приятным (или не очень ;)) попутчиком при сложившихся временно объединяющих обстоятельствах. И на том спасибо. Я счастлива, что доросла до вольности не общаться с людьми, с которыми мне мало инетерсно (я уж молчу - неприятно) кем бы они не приходились. Счастлива, что давно уже не предпринимаю усилий кому-либо понравится или соблюсти пустые формальности,  а просто стараюсь не изменять себе и своим жизненным принципам. И ничто не заставит меня расстаться с этой свободой от мнения окружающих :))).

  • gone

  • Amberly, right now i'd believe shes probably at home!!!
    We've gone our separate ways since primary school, i moved to an alternative school when she went to a all girls school, so i guess we now probably have quite different out looks on things due to our education and stuff, i don't even know! But i still see her on the bus and around the place once and awhile which is cool!

  • Her name was Debbie, we lived in different towns and lost touch when we went to seperate high schools.  She was murdered by her father, along with her sister and mother, when we were in our early 20s

  • My best friend was Zaraa in class 1. After that year, we have hardly ever talked. She's still in my old school, i believe. Then I didn't had any friend for a long long time. I was always the weird kid being lost .. there were people i talked to but no one was quite a friend until i was suddenly in class 5 and started talking to Nisha. Then we didn't stopped talking anymore .. all day either on phone or face-to-face. Hahaha.. she's in Bangladesh now in my old school. I wish i was there with her. She is the nicest of all. After moving to UK, i was again lost. I had a lot of people around me, talking and screaming.. it was me keeping a shell around me in the first year. I'll be honest, it wasn't until this summer that i really liked a few of them as true-friends. Marvellous and Charlie. The people i can mess around with all day without needing any break. The amazing people who keeps me sane in this insane-land .. lol .. they both are in their home at the moment .. lol;P that's it i suppose, if you ask only about best-mates :)

  • лучшим другом был одноклассник, с которым мы тусовались вместе, но потом чёрная корейская кошка пробежала между нами и всё стало намного хуже. Сейчас всё более менее наладилось, правда общаемся не так, как раньше. Живёт он на соседнем квартале:)
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