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To Have Healthy Skin…

What would you be willing to give up in life to have healthy looking skin?

Answers (13)

  • My tendency to eat unhealthy food in my environment.

  • I would take a very sharp blade and actually <b>remove</b> every ounce of flesh on my body in order for it to look sparkling, unblemished, and healthy. Then I would nail it to the wall and paint a big inverse pentagram on it in my own blood and praise the Lord of Darkness and Evil Things.

  • What would I give up for healthy looking skin? Seriously?

    Okay, if you insist...I'll give up my dirty socks, my empty pizza boxes, and that toy I never play with. There, it was all given up, so can I get my healthy looking skin now? And remember, no take-backs! =D
  • I wouldn't give up anything to have healthy looking skin. What good does it do you if your skin looks good, but isn't healthy? My skin is what it is, and I've found its a lot healthier for me to just deal with that fact than it is to go out and buy a bunch of products or try strange new fads to get it to look like "everybody else's".

  • i don't think you should have to give up anything in order to have healthy looking skin.

  • Money, I suppose. I've already "given up" plenty of it buying supplies for my b&b stuff. You know what, it's worked brilliantly so XD.
  • my soul, lots of money and all my free time!!!! 99% sure this is what our sponsor vaseline wants to hear
  • I don't like this question or the fact that it's sponsored by some big-bucks company. They're probably hoping to make us feel horrible about ourselves so they can create a market for their product.
  • The love of my friends and family, and all I have ever valued in life.
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