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Writer's Block

Favorite Tip for Great Looking Skin

What's your favorite tip for great looking skin all over your body?

Answers (16)

  • I get great looking skin all over my body by not using products, chemicals, cosmetics, or petroleum jelly. 

    Oops! Sorry about that, Vaseline. 

  • I've never had a great looking skin, so I wouldn't know.

    Though I haven't tried bathing in the blood of virgins, maybe I can only blame myself.

    Also vaseline can only make me think of one thing.
    And that's not pretty skin.
  • Wow. Just wow. People must be quitting LJ left, right, and center now. I guess I'd better print out my journal quick before the site starts circling the drain.
  • Don't put crap all over it and stay out of the elements. For me I don't much give a damn, experience is more important than beauty.

  • Well I do not really require any of these procedures, but my girlfriend does, and she is always applying herself some  lake mud cream all over her face, she has even wore the cucumber slices as goggles some times.

    Alex Mustang
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  • I use carbolic soap for my face and ever since I bought it my face has cleared up (ah, 'cept there's this annoying, painful pimple on my brow and I popped it. Bad idea, I know). It's good with acne control. I started using primrose oil soap for my when I take showers, it's good for dry skin as well as aloe and vitamin E soap (which is what I'm currently using). Tea tree oil soap is also excellent for dry skin and is ideal for shaving, leaves your skin really soft :) And I use pure shea butter after I shower/wash my face. I don't use commercial soaps anymore because of the amount of chemicals in there and how dry my skin would get when I used them. I get all my soap from a wonderful place called Bulk Barn but you can find all kinds of soaps at various health stores. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I just finished my biology essay outline and I'm exhausted. I still have to finish my French homework and it's almost 12am :/
  • skin someone with great looking skin and make a body suit

  • "All over your body"
  • I lold so hard when this popped up on my homepage today. A+
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