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Writer's Block



For how much money would you be willing to spend a whole week away from the Internet, TV, and mobile phones? Would you suffer withdrawal pains?

Answers (1225)

  • $10million - $100million

  • Gosh, I'll have to do it for a month this summer and no hope for compensation(

  • ради баснословной суммы я бы потерпелакак в старые советские времена,когда ничего не было
  • с веселой и большой компанией не нужен не интернет,телевизор и мобильный телефон!!!

  • Well i think that'd be pretty simple... but if i get paid for it, even better! >;D

  • You'd be surprised (though I wouldn't mind a tidy sum for abstaining from the Internet, which is my largest, if not exclusive, usage). Yes, you do suffer withdrawal symptoms (at least, I would), but que sera.

    I would, however, have a slight problem laying aside my cell phone, as I never actually bought one.

    Mobile phones, hm,  are those phones you drive around, and that you can honk the horn thereof? Beep, beep! A telephonemobile! Or a mobilophone? Actually, that would be a bit of a nightmare hybrid, would it not?

    The Internet would be the  biggest poser, as that's essentially my major connection to the world at large (and small!).
  • I could probably do it for free (Gods know it would do wonders for my writing and costuming that keeps piling up), but as long as people are handing out free money, I'd pick a nice comfortable sum. I think withdrawal pains that I would suffer would amount to "Uhhhg I can't procrastinate!" and suddenly having the urge to blog about something and realizing that I can't. I don't think that I'd be bored, but more that I would have to force myself into things that take more mental and physical effort than staring at a computer screen all day. Which is so haaaaarrrrrd *whines like a child* I actually wonder if I would get things done in that time, or if I would just find new ways to procrastinate?

  • I can do that for free any time I want, haha. No, I don't like technology at all. No withdrawal.
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