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How many brothers and sisters would you choose to have, and why?

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  • One, can share the thinking

  • im already fine with my 2 brothers and 5 sisters but another brother would be perfect because so he would protect me and the same age as me

  • NO brothers (well, except the one I already have because even though he's a pain in the ass, he can be great sometimes). An older sister, so she could do my hair and makeup for me (because I'm a total failure at that myself) and tell me secrets and stuff, and a younger sister because I love kids.

  • I think I would have liked to have a brother; to see things from a male's perspective, but I would not change a thing about having a sister. I love my sister so much and I tell her mostly everything. 

  • i like that i have 2 bro and 2sis. but i like to change the order.  in my fam theres my big bro, me, my sis, my sis, and my lil bro. i hope that it was like these. my big bro, my sis, me, my sis, my lil bro. to have the complete set of big bro and big sis, and lil bro and lil sis. ^^

  • у меня одна сестра. она на три года младше. мне ее хватает

  • Since young I'd always wanted an elder brother. Because an older brother is the most suitable person as a confidant, protector, advisor, supporter, teacher and possibly a role model.

    (Not that I'm not appreciative of my sister. She's great, yes.)

  • I think having a younger sister would've been cool,
    but in general having a bunch of siblings could've also been cool.
    However, I'm rather content having 1 sibling and a bunch of cousins.

  • I'd wish to have 2 brothers. One older and a younger one and 1 younger sister. Originally in our family, were really supposed to be four kids but my three other siblings died even before they were born. The latest was just 2 years ago, so until now I'm still an only child and it's kinda sad to be alone though you're able to get stuffs you want. And I guess, that's the reason why I enjoy baby sitting my aunt's son.

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