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If you were a TV producer, what would be the premise of your first TV series, and who would star in it?

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  •     Будь режиссером, я бы сняла многосерийник в стиле арт-хаус. В моем сериале бы снимались актеры по жизни, не по профессии - те, о ком за спиной говорят "странный".

        Причем они бы не играли, для них это были бы съемки реальной жизни. Приблизительно так это должно выглядеть: "Микки-Маус Гена, 56 лет ищет работу в солидной фирме" или "Русалочка Тоня в красном парике в полицейской академии". И таких персонажей - целый мир.

        Знаю, что многим было бы непонятно такое "кино", но в том и кайф, это же арт-хаус!

  • Something science fiction.
    Actors who fit the role.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3YSqNOP__Y

  • It has to have some sorta supernatural or paranormal or fantasy elements in it.

    Something which is different from real life, out of reality.

    C'mon, aren't we all sorta sick of the reality already?

    Why would we want another TV series which is a real life story?

  • Bible Time with Ozzy Osborne and Anne Rice would be broadcast on FOX network.  Each episode of Bible Time with Ozzy Osborne and Anne Rice would feature a bible story dramatized with actors.  Some bible stories would last for multiple episodes.  Other bible stories would be dramatized for a single episode.  Bible Time with Ozzy Osborne and Anne Rice would be an anthology format televisions series.  Each episode would be introduced and concluded with a verbal essay from Ozzy Osborne and Anne Rice about their feelings for the Holy Bible.  Not only would bible stories from the Old Testiment and the New Testiment be used, but also the apocripha and the Book of Morman would be used too.  I know for a fact that a television series such as that would be a really huge blockbuster hit.  Holy Bible enthusiasts everywhere will watch every single episode.

    Miniscus, which is the series of graphic novellae I do, would be this TV show (preferably some form of anime, since the comic is written in Japanese and my art- and layout-styles have drawn influence from a lot of old manga).

    It's about this crew of men and women in this pre-apocalyptic Nevermore world who have spent their lives on one of two sides of the gate that seperates two countries - one highly technologically and militarily advanced, and the other without any sort of government and just spewing with demons and magii and various supernatural entities, some good, some "evil," although following the theme of Good Omens I never categorize good and evil as morally right and wrong but more as two players of a game - and this group of men and women (and one cute transvestite) would work as cards of Death and the Fates (who are all drunk gamblers y/y) in causing the end of the world, except that they vehemently resist doing so and all ultimately pay prices for it.

    I'm going LotR on everyone's ass with this one: I've got nymphs of the elements, elves, demons, dæmons or "shadows" (i.e., messangers of Death), magii, shamans which are technically just subsets of magii so why did I mention them idk, vampyr (you won't find much semblance to Edward Cullen, but neither to Nosferatu, and I use the term vampyr loosely), hellsangels, and genetically manip'd people called synthetics (which are really just my excuse to throw a catboy into the story with a LOLworthy or maybe tragic explanation, I can't tell). Oh, and humans. I almost forgot them.

    I also go really deep (at least in the comic though idk about on mainstream TV where stuff has to be kept PGish) into persons' sexualities and how vastly different they can be but how no one is any better than the others. The stuff I know I'd keep in, because it's infinitely valuable among the main men and women of the story, is romantic attraction (or in some situations, lack thereof). I feel like the only mainstream appreciation of us queers there is in television is the one token gay guy/girl of the show, and they're always treated as such and only as such. And really, I'm working to quash heteronormativity with this one: the rule of Miniscus is that if I don't identify a sexual preference (or again, lack thereof) of a character, then they are by default bisexual. NOT heterosexual as so many people in the world would presume. I can't begin to explain how much that horrifies me. Miniscus will not let that happen.

    There are some other bigger, deeper themes too but mehhh I don't like boring people with a repeat of hs English.


    If for some reason it were a TV TV show, and not a cartoon, which would still be fine by me as long as it were properly executed, I would totally want Misha Collins (Supernatural) in there. He's absolutely hilarious and extremely befitting of one of the main 13, The Rider (who's also an... angel of sorts, but I swear that isn't why I'd pick Misha). My apathetic reincarnate Mackery I would want to see played by someone like Carey Mulligan (An Education). Winter the dramatic elf changeling would absolutely need to be Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser, Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog). I can't see him played by anyone else. I would reeeally want Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly, Imagine Me & You) to play the bartending prostitute Ralia who helps them out, except she's too skinny for Ralia, but in every other way yes. I would get Jesse Spencer (House) for the failure of a main character but utter sweetheart Haroun. Not to repeat from whence my actors come, but I'd also put Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) in there since he sort of is the not-as-badass-as-he-believes and slightly in-deBIal village hero Kaizon. I might have Hal Sparks (Queer As Folk) as Oblivion "Buri" the transvestite. Also David Tennant (Doctor Who) would totally be storekeeper/possible!ninja/mysterious!traveler Nomo. If Lena Headly (...also Imagine Me & You) were a tad younger I would have her as aromantic hypersexual gunslinger Tari, might anyway. And the rest fhsdjfk idk. SOUNDS LIKE A BIT OF A MAINSTREAM LINEUP ROIGHT. The important thing is that they're all sparkly and pretty.
  • It would definitely have to be an improv comedy show. I don't think it gets enough recognition that it should. It's really amazing watching people come up with a scene based on suggestions from the audience. I'd take the masters of improv: Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops, Chip Esten, Jeff Davis, and the rest of the gang from the "Whose Line?" I'd love to introduce the world to newbies!

  • Style teen drama Dawson's creek. Mixed with a little comedy to relax a little pubescent melodramas.

    Drama juvenil al estilo Dawson´s creek. Mezclado con un poco de comedia para relajar un poco los melodramas pubertos.

  • I'd take over work on Earth2.0 which would likely have a cast consisting of Bollywood and indie film actors. Mainstream actors would likely spoil the feel of it.

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