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How do memories influence the decisions you make? Is it better to embrace memories, even the painful ones, or cast them off?

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  • From experience i can defintly say that even a painful memory can influence a person, we must embrarace them as they help us to choose what we do more carefully, my own decisions have made memories id like to forget but they have proven to be helpful once i had learnt to live with them.

  • Memories are like a double-edged sword.

    They can be both helpful and harmful, and when they cut… they cut deeply.

    It’s not true that the first cut is the deepest.

    Every time you bring those hurtful thoughts to mind…they cut a little deeper, until you become a jumbled mess of pain and bitterness.

    Wield your sword wisely.

    Embrace the memories that propel you forward. Cast off the memories that tear you down and hold you back.

  • I say: Once the lesson is learned, the memory has no further use. Particularly a bad memory which will ultimately hold you back. Embrace memories for the sake of learning from your actions, right or wrong. Once done so, remember what has been taught and forget the memory. Those who spend too long looking to the past for answers only end up hindering their futures, causing them to suffer in the present. In other news. I've had a skim read of recent entries and realised that they're all over the shop with errors. Not to say I'm going back over them to correct them, it's just been noted. I type shit in my journal to ramble and get stuff out of my head and give me a little release, some peace. It helps me forget and move on. I never like looking back on my own life, it's like looking back on your own shadow. So you walk to the sun - blinding as it us - with uncertainty just so you don't get caught by your own shadow that'll swallow you whole. Everyone has done bad things and everyone hurts in their own way. What seperates people from one another is: How will you choose to cope with yours sins? Oh, and I will get around with a proper update. Sleep Depravation and Wattisham is starting to crack me. I'm still holding on to the promise of leave; if that's taken from me, I know I'll crack. I can endure lots, but I'm only human. I'm flawed. Even I have my limits.

  • memories do influence the decisions i make, but i prefer to cast them off instead of embracing them.

    for me it's less painful when you put them behind you and only use them when you need something to base your decisions on.

    memories should just be a tool from the past that you use for a better future.

    it is unfruitful to hold on to them like they're actually useful for something more than just what they are: reference points.

    they tell you what could happen later if you allow things to be the same way that you've allowed them to be in the past, and i think that's just it. 

    i think that between two souls, there isn't really a forever.

    let alone more than one souls in one place.

    people can't really stand each other more than they think they can.

    at the end of the day if things don't work out between people, the least that they can do is drop the memories - and save themselves from all the heartache.

  • Really now, that should be like THE THING that affects ALL of EVERYone's actions and decisions.  I mean seriously, that's what memory was inventicated for; picture a tribe of Neanderthals out kinda grazing, you know gathering berries, nuts, small mammals, that stuff.  You, notice that Aunt Gort picked all green berries and has been eating from her collection.  THEN she, otherwise healthy, drops to her knees, barfs up partly unchewed green berries, and dies screaming.
    Now it's tomorrow.  You gonna eat the green berries from THAT SAME bush Aunt Gort was pickin' from?  You mighta loved your aunt and the thought of her dying was quite acute, but do ya gnaw them berries?  NO dumbass, memory serves that that's a painful and deadly thing, so ya don't.  Anything less is a defect and you will be naturally de-selected.
    So why is this a question?  Have we become so short memoried that we cannot remember that this was just like 50000 years ago?

  • Забывать никогда ничего не стоит. Несмотря на знаменитую русскую пословицу, которую, к слову ополовинили - "Кто былое вспомнит, тому глаз вон". Нет. Этому другой противовес "На ошибках мы учимся". Так вот дурное воспоминание, часто связано с ошибками, которые мы совершили в прошлом. Или же совершили наши товарищи. Именно из прошлого складывается наше сегодня. Пройдя через всё, через огонь, воду и медные трубы, ты  стремишься к цели  и знаешь ее цену. Если знаешь цену - то это является отличной мотивацией для будущих дел...
    Возможно кое что не стоит вспоминать вслух, но в голове нужно помнить.

  • I believe it's important to embrace all memories in a subjective manner, and to keep focus on where you are going on the path you are on. Memories and experience are what shapes us as people. Without hard lessons learned, or wonderful expierience, how would you know what you want from life, and what you want to avoid? How could you progress mentally without memory?

    Beyond the obvious; memories are what help us retain pertinent information to exist (such as walking, reading, writing, speaking, etc,) memories also form us as individuals. No two people experience the same life. Even with two individuals in the same situation, natural personality and unique thought processes create different experiences for each person. One person may be empathetic, the other resentful. One may be drawn in, another may be put off. There simply would be no life without memory. Painful memories are what help set our determination, goals, integrity and morals. How many beautiful people have been influenced positively by their horrific past? Even abuse can help bring creativity and inner strength to fruition. Memories and experience are passed on to help those around us avoid similar situations. Recalling the pain of a death can allow you to bond with someone torn with grief on the deepest level. It allows you to have sympathy, empathy, regret, and fine-tunes your instincts towards self preservation.

    One cannot allow themselves to drown in a memory though. One must rise above and recognize that though things may be drastically influenced and difficult ahead, you must push on and push past. Your decisions from that point on will shape your future. For every horrible, sad and tragic memory you have, you likely have hundreds of wonderful, amazing and happy ones. When we are faced with pain and sadness we often allow those emotions to wash over all others, drowning us in pessimism and negativity, but that is our conscious allowing us to envelope the experience in order to integrate it into our insticts. If a person is mugged coming home late at night, they will avoid being alone in an unprotected and dangerous area in the future. They will perhaps invest in a means of protection. They will change their habits to be safer. All of these aid in safety and self preservation. Had cavemen not watched their family members die from an animal attack, they may not have created defense against the animal. They may not have known they were agressive or dangerous. That knowledge was passed on to a whole community to keep everyone else safe. A sad memory turned into a life lesson, and advice for others. Because of the defenses, no one else was lost, allowing that sad moment in time to allow the security of a whole community. Things happen for a reason. We're placed on a path to experience things that will form us into better people. Those who do not heed warnings from past situations, or allow experiences to drown them and refuse to push them into MEMORIES and continue to live these negative expieriences as REALITY will surely be consumed by it and let go on their grasp of life. To acknowledge lessons subjectively and know that it was only a fleeting moment within your life will prevent addiction, loss from grief and allow you to move on to firmer ground within your life.

    Good memories allow us to strive towards greatness in life. If the feeling of sucess is something you cherish and enjoy, you will set your life up to work towards that feeling once again, and go on to do beautiful things. If you recall feelings of love, happiness and security, they will tie you to a person for a lifetime. If you recall admiration of someone, you'll set yourself to live an admirable life, hoping to be as your role model; your hero. Everything we do in life influences us. Memories are just our way of carring those lessons with us, to assure we become the people we want to be.

  • Embrace memories, even if they're painful. I think it's really important that you remember all of the wonderful and sad times in your life, because they are just so important <3
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