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Writer's Block


How you like me now?

What's the craziest thing you've ever done to impress someone? Did it work?

Answers (410)

  • It was a few years ago. We were friends. I tried to hug her - she had hugged me often before, but I had not tried to hug her - hadn't initiated it - as I am known by all who know me as "the human porcupine" and do not normally condone such behavior. It did not work, at all. Clearly, the lesson I have drawn from this ever since is that hugs are not the answer to anything. They are evil, and should be treated as such. Amen.

  • Well, I put a note in a kid's locker in the month of February last year so apparently it was a "Valentine" and they never answered back. Yeah, I know, that profoundly flashy, but I'm still waiting on a rejection for that and I'm still kind of sore that I at least told them and they said nothing. Well, way to go you bitchy little blonde (you know who you are) you'll be showing up in my book and let me tell you, I feel no shame in using names :D

  • well at any time there was a space in life that i didnt care who liked me or who didnt    !!!!    flash to the future and see what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i asked my self  . its happening now !  self said why do you care !! i said damn!!!

  • Well, I combed my hair several times to make it perfect just to impress my crush on 4th grade, but it little didnt work D:

  • A $370 phone bill spent on overseas phone bills. HAHA it worked a little too well though. Sadly.

  • Написала признание в любви мальчику на домофонной двери его дома xD
    сработал же!

  • Конечно, совершала! Многократно!

    Купила джип и научилась летать, как ведьма на метле... Теперь быстро передвигаюсь по городу.

    Сидела ночами с дурацкими сметами, чтобы понравиться - стала лучшим сметчиком!

    Нужен был строительный подрядчик - стала лучшим прорабом!

    Еще худела, толстела, обрела множество друзей, прочла много умных книг, ознакомилась с ораторским мастерством, поступила на второе высшее - и ...

    Понравилась самой себе!!!)))

  • I put a cat on the table of medical x-ray machine to do some test. At the begining, it pretents to be die, after I put it on the table it suddenly runs away, whcih scared me a lot.

  • Let's just say it involved dancing, food, and ultimately clumsiness.

    And no, it didn't work. 

  • just been myself. if they like me, cool, if not, fair enough
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