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Captain Planet

If everyone had their own small planet to live on and care for (like in The Little Prince), what would your planet be like?

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  • My conworld.
  • I already live in my own little world....but it's ok, because everyone there knows me.
  • My own little world eh? It would be a good distance from it's sun to the point where day is about as bright as a night of a full moon is here. It would be cooler with the highest temperature about 70 Fahrenheit (or about 21 Celsius). But it would be kept from getting too cold by the extensive cave systems that bring geothermal heat up to the surface. There would be bioluminescent jellyfish that float through the air like this: Except real animals rather than machines. Jumping spiders would be as large as dogs and just as smart and friendly. Instead of trees large mushrooms would make up underground forests in large caverns illuminated by crystals that convert ambient heat into light. These mushrooms would be able to change colors like cuttlefish and sing like whales. Soft moss would cover large portions of the cave floors. The constant movement of air through the tunnels would make a nice calming "whoosh" noise and provide a gentle steady breeze. People population would be sparse but enough that no one would feel lonely. There would be an internet but no trolls. Instead of regular computers however everyday objects like clothing and walls would act as displays.
  • I'm only answering this because it says The Little Prince. I guess it depends on how big the planet is, but I'd have my family there and it would be sunny and my friends would be there too and we'd have houses and food and computers and tv and internet and video games and clothes and schools with classes that don't force me to debate in class!!!

  • Okay. Well, my planet would definitely pleasantly infested with ravens. There would be no war. There would be metal concerts every Saturday all day. Sunday would be the day of silence and meditation. The human population would be under 2.5 billion, but there would be a variety of ethnicity. The weather would be frequent overcast during the day and clear skies at night to see the stars. My planet would have two moons, a blue one and a red (red smaller than the blue). Wolves would roam wherever, bats would live in every cave. I would call this little orbiter Tenebra.

  • My planet would be a wonderful place.  It would be a planet where that one person who always seems to mess up your lattes at starbucks is fired and every latte is better than the last. It would be a place where mediocre latee makers did not exist and all would be well.

  • It will be a world of You and Me...

    The world that consist of you and me less the gaps and odds. A world that is far better than the world we are now.
    A world that nothing can separate us, not even distance and time.

    A world where we can be free by ourselves. As we can run carelessly over the Sunflower Fields trying to chase one another.
    Where we can spend the whole day staring at the clear sky while lying over the Flower bed.
    And at night, we can enjoy the cool breeze of the wind as we stand over the mountains seeing the

    Some world that seemingly only possible to exist in the world of dreams.
    A secret world where you and I can be together eternally..,

  • марс ) она красивая красная и маленькая я бы там была жила радовалась и былабы королевой ) 

  • На ней было бы куча бесплатных старбаксов, на деревьях росли туфли от лабутен и лв, а вместо цветов подвсеки от тиффани и везде пахло бы мисс диор черри
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