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Are there any scents that invoke childhood memories?

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  • лично для меня это мамины духи и папин одеколон
  • Apple juice! :) it reminds me of my preschool and snack time. Because I used to dunk my graham crackers in my juice and make it soggy and it was delicious. It makes me extra happy.
  • The smell of the after rain. The smell of mud mixed with rainwater and the breeze carries that smell to my smelling sense. They're tantalizing. Almost magical. I remember when I was a child I used to sit next to a glass window in the living room. Staring outside. Watching intently as the rainwater flowed on the glass, making it felt cool on my palms. It felt soothing. I always lost in it. Forgot my surroundings. All my sorrows. All my problems. And just mesmerized by it. And after the rain stopped, the smell crept up and giving me a fresh feeling, a fresh and nice sensation. Speaking of which, it's raining here while I'm typing... Think I'm gonna go and enjoy it myself. Go back to the child me. ^^

  • for me, mangoes and oranges. Maybe even roses.
  • Запах печенья ''Малышок''...

  • Запах детства у меня асоциируеться с бабушкиными пирошками ) и борщём всегда когда к ней приезжаю в деревню то вспоминаю своё детства друзей которые сейчас половина переженились по уезжаю и всякое такое, так что вот такие запахи у меня асоциируеться с детствам 

  • Запах земляных полов в доме у бабушки в деревне. Сейчас он нигде не встречается и наверно не встретится никогда.

  • Перечислить? В натуре? Тогда начнем с подъезда...
  • When I was 13, I spent some days in Corse with a few friends. There was a guy who introduced me to Nirvana, I was kind of in love with him. Anyways, he smelled of... something. Still today I have not found out what exactly it was, but sometimes I come around this particular smell and it reminds me of this vacation, of Nirvana, and, of course, this guy.
  • Many of you know that I have been writting a novel for the past few months, and although I have developed alot of the characters, I still feel that they need to evolve into their own selves and differ from my own personality and beliefs. To do this, I have decided to answer the "Writer's Block" topics (ocnce or twice a week) from both my perspective, and the perspective from either one of my main characters (Era Winters, Ahrem Jacobs, or Stoke Botolph).

    ME: Rubber

    ERA WINTERS: Vanilla
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