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Writer's Block


Above and beyond

What do you think happens after you die?

Answers (1110)

  • Я буду жить )
  • а я не думаю об этом , я это знаю, об этом было известно давно
  • Either move on to next step whatever that is or nothing.
  • people cry a little or for a while longer and then they just move on, maybe forget

  • Меня съедят уполномоченные представители и я стану БОГОМ ВСЕГО . Скукате-е-е-нь...

  • I have a friend who just turned eighty-eight and she just shared with me that she's afraid of dying. I sit here years from her experience and try to bring her comfort. I try to bring her comfort, . But what do I know? What do I know? . She grew up singing about the glory land, and she would testify how Jesus changed her life. It was easy to have faith when she was thirty-four, but now her friends are dying, and death is at her door. . Oh, and what do I know? Really, what do I know? . Chorus: I don't know that there are harps in heaven, Or the process for earning your wings. I don't know of bright lights at the ends of tunnels, Or any of those things. . She lost her husband after sixty years, and as he slipped away she still had things to say. Death can be so inconvenient. You try to live and love. It comes and interrupts. . And what do I know? What do I know? . Chorus . But I know to be absent from this body is to be present with the Lord, and from what I know of him, that must be pretty good. Oh, I know to be absent from this body is to be present with the Lord, and from what I know of him, that must be very good.

    With credit to Sara Groves.


  • И так, размышление на тему "Жизнь после смерти":
    Ну конечно есть, вы просто превращаетесь в морскую печеньку и всю свою "печенью жизнь" пытаетесь убежать от морских огурцов (^___^)

    Или вот еще, скажем более серьезный, научный ответ:
    Живем(едим, пьем, болеем, радуемся,..и тд)потом умираем (лежим, никого не трогаем, разлагаемся,...), превратились в кучу всего полезного, ну гумус и всякое такое=), потом нас едят бактерии, растения, насекомые, а тех в свою очередь другие млекопитающие, и в конце концов попадаем в гамбургеры, пиццы, под ногти детям, копающихся в песочнице - круто, не правда-ли? =)

    вот и выходит что мы живем после смерти во всем в чем только можно представить (^____^)

  • that's a god question.

    i do believe in "heaven and hell"
    i dont see heaven as a paradise and thats were all the good gyes end up when they die..
    and i dont see hell as a place where youre soul will burn for an eternity.
    if we dont belive in heaven and hell and "good", what would then happen to the world we live in today? would it be diffrent? 
    but i do believe that you can choose between heaven and hell personally i HAVE to believe in good to get some where in my life its my rock but i would rather be in hell then heaven i dont now why it's just a feeling i have. 
  • Depends what you mean by death.. physical death implies to me that we move beyond the earthly realm into a higher energetic state of being. So in reality, there is no death ;)

  • Some form of afterlife.
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