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Torn between two lovers

Have you ever fallen in love with two people at once? How did it work out?

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  • I am currently and it breaks my heart. I have two guys who would do ANYTHING i ask with no question. I think im selfish in letting one of them go because they both mean the world to me. I can say im in love with both of them and there completly different which drives me crazy. i kno wat i should do but i dont want to do it. I cant let one of them go, i cant lose that love.

  • Well, I won one of them, but the other.. well I was too afraid to amit it.. (don't tell Gloria ;__;)
    So I guess it didn't work out very well in that sense..
    ut everything turned out fairly cosmic and beautiful the way it did, and has.
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  • Нет, обычно я вышибаю клин клином. Даже если я продолжаю испытывать нежные чувства по отношению к прежнему партнеру, нового именно люблю.
  • Yes, I have. I've been in love with my husband Chris since before we got together in '06 and I fell in love with Fizzy not long after we became friends in early '09. I'd known I was pan/poly for awhile, but this was the first time my polyamory had ever asserted itself. Once I realized that my feelings for Fizzy were serious and long-term, I told Chris. I introduced them via Internet since Chris was deployed at the time. He got back from that deployment last September, and I've encouraged Chris to join my conversations with Fizzy at times, and we've video chatted with her once or twice. At this point Chris adores Fizzy as much as I do, and that's a lot! Plus, weird as Chris can be, he is still a virile, straight, 27 year old man with the libido of someone ten years younger, and the thought of being with two women is very appealing to him. Fizzy hasn't given us a solid yes or no on joining us, but we do have a definite maybe. She's holding out until the three of us can hang out in person, and I think that meeting in person first is a very logical thing to insist on. Either way, we're nearly two years into what I sincerely hope will be a life-long relationship, whether it be as friends or lovers.

  • нет! я однолюб! я не могу так, если я влюбилась, то только он мне нужен

  • At first when I read this question, I was shocked that people can be in love with two people at the same time. But once I got to thinking about it, I was in that position a little over a year ago. I was in a relationship with my ex, Roger, for close to 3 and a half years. I thought he was 'the one', the person I was going to get old & have babies with. As the relationship went on its third year, I started realizing I didn't love him like I used to love him. I was sick of being the stay at home wife, without the wife title I guess. He started being verbally abusive and was constantly accusing me of cheating. I'll admit, it got to the point where I turned a good friendship into fooling around behind his back just to spite him. In the end, he said I needed to choose. Be with him or ditch all my friends...and basically my freedom. To his surprise, I didn't choose him. After a while I started to realize I missed him and wanted to be with him again. To my surprise, after two months, he had moved on. He used me and played mind games for damn near 6 months, during which,  I was too "lovestruck" to realize he had no intention of ever trying to fix things.

    In the end, I decided I needed to start dating. I needed a fresh start. Through mutual friends, I met Michael. The beginning with him was rocky and I was so out of style with the dating scene that I immediately wanted to jump into a serious one. Michael hesitated and I took it as a slap in the face. So I went back to Roger. I had a nasty little love triangle going on for close to two months. After I realized Roger was an asshole, I finally had the nerve to put him in his place. I told Michael I could take it slow and we'd see where it went.

    Now, over a year down the road...I love Michael more and more each day. He's the polar opposite of Roger and that's why Iove him so much.

    But...after reading the writers block post, it made me realize, I loved them both there for a minute. Though, I loved Roger more so because he was familiar and knew what I expected in a relationship. Michael was a real love though. He understood the real me and accepted it. Which is more than I can say about anyone, even some family members.

  • Yes, I have fallen in love with two people at the same time. It became every complicated, with me sending mixed signals to both of the guys. I hurt both of their feelings and I'm deeply regretful for that. In the end I lost two great friends and I still have never to this day said how much I'm sorry for hurting them. Word of advice, never fall in love with two people at the same time, in the end it only makes you look like the bad person.
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