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What are your three most and least favorite foods?

Answers (629)

  • My three most favorite foods are: 

    1. sushi
    2. pizza
    3. pancakes

    All not all that healthy (though sushi CAN be a little healthy) but I love them so much! 

    My three least favorite foods are: 

    1. beans
    2. mushrooms
    3. oranges

    A few healthy items I don't like...but I just can't stand the taste of them! 
  • Least favorite are pretty easy. I can come up with two biggies that I really don't eat right of the bat. Eggs and Mushrooms. I hate the texture of both. And the smell of eggs. Especially hard boiled ones. I have been becoming more tolerant of it as I've gotten older but I used to have to leave the room when someone would crack open(peel?) a hard boiled egg. Mushrooms, well there is the whole "eating a fungus" thing that I can't get over really besides the texture issues. Umm I have to think a bit harder to come up with the third food item I don't like. I mean, I've never had organ meat, like liver, but I don't think it would likely rate highly if I ever do try it. But, I'm not going to say that, because really I haven't ever given it a fair shot. Umm well tofu. That I have given a fair shot. I don't like it. I think it's some of the same texture issues that I have with some other foods carry over to tofu as well. Favorite foods? Umm a local Thai place makes a really good Phad Wunsen. Quesadillas are probably one of my favorite snack time foods. Like on a weekend, if I had a late breakfast, it's now mid-afternoon, and I don't really want to make a big lunch or something, because dinner will be soon enough - Yeah, a quesadilla fills in that gap quite well. Umm really anything deep fried I love. But that just makes it hard to choose something. So umm can "anything (other than the stuff listed above) deep fried" count as one item for this list of favorites? Umm you know what? I'm going to say it does. Corn dogs, french fries, battered fish, crab egg rolls, all YUM!!!!

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  • I don't think i can give just 3 answers O_o Maybe my taste buds suck but, I pretty much think almost everything I eat taste good. I rarely think food taste bad. I do hate horse radish though. Maybe humus too.

  • Любимых много, конкретно  3 блюда выбирать не буду, на ум приходит например вот это:

    1. Варю куриную грудку, потом в кипящую воду кидаю горсть риса. Чтобы не казалось слишком пресным, готовый рис с курицей посыпаю зелёным луком. Быстро, просто, полезно и вкусно.

    2. Второе - индейка, тушёная в сметане с шампиньонами.

    3. Ну и, пожалуй, рыба какая-нибудь, например треска, слегка обжареная.

    Вот, три блюда.

    Готовится ненамного дольше, чем разного рода фастфуд. Допустим, магазинные пельмени, сосиски и тому подобная отрава с макаронами, например, готовятся за 15 минут, а вышеприведённые мной варианты за 30 минут. Но неужели жалко этих дополнительных 15 минут ради того, чтобы через пару десятков лет не выкинуть свои убитые желудок и печень на помойку? Верно?

    А что же касается нелюбимых:

    1. Терпеть не могу  любые мясные блюда, в которых заранее не извлечены кости, то что не возможно есть ножом и вилкой и надо лапать ркуами. Особенно ненавижу, копаться пальцами в жирной курице, например.

    2. Также не ем всякие студни и холодцы.

    3. Ну и, пожалуй, всевозможные шарлотки и пироги с яблоком, или какой-нибудь фруктовой начинкой.

  • Likes:
    1. Pasta (any kind, so long as it's vegetarian.)
    2. Pizza (same criteria as pasta.)
    3. Veggie Burgers with ALL THE TOPPINGS including cheese, onions, pickles... * drools *

    1. Processed/Luncheon meats.
    2. Anything past its sell-by date.
    3. Anything too sweet that should be salty (i.e. a dinner meal that is all beets, carrots, and squash without any salt or curry to balance it out.)

    Of course, this doesn't count all the deliciousness I gave up when I went veggie. Or the cakes and cookies I inhale at every opportunity. ><'
    There are too many of them to name.
  • Three favorites: My mom`s Chicken Devan Marlborough`s pizza Brown`s cookie dough ice cream- the biggest chunks of cookie dough I`ve ever found on the East coast! Least favorites: Buffalo wings fajitas fish

  • Fav's
    1. Cabbage and Noodles
    2.Soupy Burgers
    3.Biscuits and Gravy
    Least Fav's

  • My three favourite foods:
    1) Cherry crumble with coconut icecream (make me salivate just thinking about it)
    2) Baked potato with tuna mayonnaise and black pepper
    3) Satsumas

    My three least favourite foods:
    1) Offal (particularly tripe)
    2) The stuffed marrow my mum used to make when we were kids (I still to this day have no idea what it was stuffed with)
    3) Cheese (I can't even touch it without recoiling in disgust)

  • Favorite

    -Anything spicy or with cinnimon in
    -CHEESE, especially really strong blue stilton, brie or that garlicy, creamy, french one :P
    -Pink Lady apples :D

    Least favorite



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