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Writer's Block

The witching hour

Do you celebrate Halloween? What do you like most and least about this holiday?

Answers (665)

  • I used to dress up and party on Halloween when I was younger, but now I just take my son trick-or-treating.  I LOVE the Halloween parade in Greenwich Village.
  • I like the costumes and trick or treating, but I'm too old now, so the holiday has lost its fun. Haunted houses are still fun, though. I don't particularly like waiting by the door to make sure the trick or treaters get candy, or carving up a pumpkin because you can never get the guts off your hands when you're done. And then mom starts cooking pumpkins and we have pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin food for days on end. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin stew...that's too much pumpkin.

  • Yes I do celebrate Halloween, I love dressing up and going around to all the houses to get candy and what I don't like about it is, all the crap that happens that night(stuff you hear on the News).

  • I absolutely adore Halloween.  I've always been fascinated with the darker side of the human psyche, and Halloween is the one time of the year everyone is allowed to express that darker side without being looked at as a freak (as if that stops me anyway lol).  The only bad thing about it is that it's losing all sense of tradition and most people are just looking at it as another reason to party.

  • I love Halloween! My aunt's a Halloween fanatic! She used to have the best Halloween parties EH. VER. Or maybe she still does. I wouldn't know. I couldn't imagine having my kids not celebrate Halloween, unless we lived in a different country, which we probably won't. My favorite part of this holiday is the eats; it's always fun to get sugar-crunk on candy. Get it? Candy with a C = Crunk with a C. My least favorite part of this holiday is getting fatt xD

  • i DO celebrate halloween ., i celebrate it because it is my birthday., on that special day....bhut if it wasnt my birthday on that day i honestly think i wouldnt celebrate it/........well maybe get some candy bhut not no other devil/whichcraft stuff!.!.!
  • Many of you know that I have been writting a novel for the past few months, and although I have developed alot of the characters, I still feel that they need to evolve into their own selves and differ from my own personality and beliefs. To do this, I have decided to answer the "Writer's Block" topics (ocnce or twice a week) from both my perspective, and the perspective from either one of my main characters (Era Winters, Ahrem Jacobs, or Stoke Botolph).

    ME: No, I dont. Prinmarily because I live in Australia which will never catch onto the annual spooky tradition. I like the idea of everyone dressing up up for a night and collectively playing along with the evening theme. I don't like, however, the idea of of celebrating the day of ghouls, stemming from pagon rituals, no matter how commercial we make it.  

    AHREM JACOBS: Mostly, yes, just for the novelty of the holiday, but I don't like, however, the joy and comfort peopel put into these mythical demonic monsters that have proved to be dangerous and unearthly

  • I party. What I like least about Halloween is the spoiled ass kids that want the most expensive costumes, they make everything lame. Having a movie quality costume does not make you more scary than someone that does not have one. I like being scared but now days nothing seems to scare me more than real life. So pretending to be a character or something other than yourself just doesn't cut it for me. People just loose all their creativity on Halloween, pre made this and pre made that.. Do something different, this goes with ALL holidays as well.

  • Не праздную и насколько знаю, на западе его тоже не любят праздновать. По крайней мере так говорили мои преподаватели английского. 

    В общем удивительно зачем мы празднуем чужой праздник, который не популярный даже за рубежом.
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