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Trick or treat

Do you plan to dress up this year? If so, who or what are you going to be?

Answers (806)

  • Yes i plan to dress up! Its the only time you can wear something crazy and not get looked at weird for it. I was planning to wear the assassins creed costume for girls but I was to late to order it online -_- i guess this is a adventure for next year. So this year it is going to be the character Konan from Naruto, i guess i will save this costume for a random anime convention lol.

  • На Хэллоуин не наряжался, но если бы вдруг припёрло, сообразил бы,  что-нибудь эдакое. 10 лет назад это бы выглядело так:

    Спокойной ночи.

  • I dressed up twice.  First as Claude for work:

    Then as Velma on Halloween night to hand out candy at my brother & sister in law's.  They were out with my 2 nieces and my nephew for Trick or treating.
  • I haven't dressed up since I was 12. That was half my life ago. I had an idea of dressing up as Nathan Explosion from Metalocolypse, but judging from the six pack in my fridge, I don't really plan on going anywhere.

  • I shall be dressing up this year, even if it is only to hand out candy to people who come to me. It isn't anything in particular, but it involved wings :)

  • Well i don't celebrate halloween but i'd want 2 dress up as a samurai.

  • Наряжаться я не буду.
    Праздник можно встретить и без этого.

  • It was a tough decision between a panther, the red ghost, and belly dancer; but I finally settled on Al Capone.  Next year we'll do the couple's costume.  It give me time to convince him Link and Zelda are a good idea ;)

    At G.C. and there's nothing to do.  I'm a warm body.  Let's see how fast it takes me to input the data that has collected over the week...10 minutes.  Now just cleaning up the computer.  Funny how I feels lighter ever time I clean something.

    I've been severly slacking in my reading lately.  I believe maybe I need a break.  Still have two more days to get through at least two books.  Plus, I've had other things demanding my time lately.  Books on tape can be done during that time, but I think I'll drop it down to 2 a month.

  • haha yes!!! lol i was gonna be batman cuz, u knw batmans pretty frickin cool. lol but i couldnt find a good costume. so im gonna be a roller girl. lol i have a blue tutu and everything. lol im just not wearing the skates haha cuz id kill myself. lol

  • Планирую наряжаться в привидение. Хочу выбрать эффектный костюм, если в прокате найдется. Не думаю, что меня узнают среди друзей! )))
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