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Kanye West's Tweet Apology

How do you feel about Kanye West admitting his past mistakes and apologizing to Taylor Swift on Twitter? Is he trying to win hearts back?

Answers (148)

  • Man, things like this are so irrelevant. Just leave each other alone. Myself personally, I don't care, since there isn't anything about Kanye that really interests me.

  • I really think that he should've apolagized in person. It wouldve been more heartfelt and I would have more respect for him. Even though I already have a lot of respect for him because he is a great musician, I lost a little bit that night at the VMA's. I really do think that he is trying to win hearts back. He is trying to do a good thing but on Twitter?...Really now Mr. West?
  • bahaha. he was buttering her up so he could slam her with his new song. here's a toast to the assholes.
  • I think he realized what he did was embarassing and wrong, so he decided to win hearts back by apologizing to her. He did a good thing by doing that, but some of his fans might not view him the same way anymore.

  • Pfft! Who apologizes on Twitter? There's no way that can be sincere.
  • I think Kanye West should grow a spine. He has nothing to apologize to Taylor Swift for; the apology would be most appropriately directed towards the organizers of the awards ceremony that he disrupted with his inappropriate conduct
  • I don't think I feel enough to care. I think I know who Kanye West is, he's like a music performer, right? and for that matter he is a he, right? I don't have a clue who Taylor Swift is. But I'm guessing from the topic he/she (what is with the ambiguous names today?) is also in music some how. Umm other than that, well I guess twitter qualifies as a public apology these days. A little impersonal perhaps, but ehh, I guess that is up to those people involved. WTF should I care about this at all anyway?

  • After a year? Sorry Kanye over and done with stop beatting a dead horse for some 10 TV spot. I can't even believe I am giveing you the 60 sec. it takes to write this.
  • Who gives a shit. Neither are talented. I wish Kanye didn't apologise (Way to ruin the LULZ asshat BTW what the hell was up with that autotune song last night?). BTW EVERYONE HERE KNOWS HE'S A TROLL and 10 to 1 MOST LIKELY TO PULL OFF MORE STUPID SHIT. Don't believe his shenanigans. BTW ONLY time Kanye is good at something:

  • I think it was really nice of him to apologize. When the incident happened, he had been suffering a lot due to his mom's death and because he was working, he never really had time to mourn her. Personally, I'm Team Kanye before 09 VMA's, after 09 VMA's and forever and ever, and his douchiness doesn't take away the amazing music he does. As for last night at the VMA's he did an amazing performance and his song about Kanye, definitely beat Taylor Swift's song about Kanye. EW put on their bulleyes that Kanye apologizing was a way for him to buy his new album coming out soon, but I don't think so. People will still buy it not matter what (incluing me) because his music is that good.
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