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If you could have any musician or band play live - just for you and your friends - who would you pick?

Answers (386)

  • I would pick either Linkin Park,Paramore,or Muse
  • New Year's Resolution....going to make a conscious effort to write more here instead of the snippets that get written over at Facebook. The fact I keep a visual journal at home also eats into the desire to write actual "words" here. Going to try never the less.

  • Well normally I'd always pick Hanson lol. However it would be cool to have the Killers play or Matchbox Twenty :)

  • I would get a time machine and gather my favourites for a perfect Billy Budd cast.

    It would look something like:

    - Rod Gilfry from the early 90's
    - Philip Langridge from around '85-'95
    - John Tomlinson from the early 90's, around the time when he was the best Wotan of the world

    I'd also hire the camera team who did the Copenhagen Ring, it was the most movie-like opera dvd I've seen (there was even a camera behind Mime's cooker!).

    It could have happened, damn it! And then the trio would have no flaw. The closest thing to this is the Hickox recording, Keenlyside is another perfect Billy, but alas, it's only a cd...

    BB is like Trovatore in one thing: Trov only needs the world's four best singers. BB only needs the three best male singers (and the best ensemble... and chorus...)

    I'd let Peter Weir direct it because he'd be super strict about historical accuracy. No more pre-95 uniforms and no fantasy uniforms (cough VIENNA STAGING cough)!

  • If this was back in the 80's I'd say Siouxsie and the Banshees. To see them live and be so close to meeting them would be marvelous. But they disbanded years ago now...

    But, today, I'd like to see Three Days Grace, simply because they are the band I listen to most at the moment, and besides, of course, I really like their songs. \m/ \m/
  • Awesome question. Linkin Park, Muse, Papa Roach, Disturbed, Depeche Mode.
  • Now this is an awesome Question!!!! Let's see, either.... Modern Day Escape Blood on the dance floor Escape The Fate And.... or..... Brokencyde

  • I would have Muse. I adore them, and I missed my chance to see them when they came to my hometown. I was a bit devastated, my cousin went and didn't bring me back a tour T-shirt. I was going to pay him for it!!! He's such a jerk sometimes. Jerk. An ass too.
    Any who, Muse is just a phenomenal band, I enjoy every song they have, and most of my friends and family do too. I find something in every one of their songs to love. I don't look for it either, they just speak to me, make me feel so much and I appreciate them, their work, and their music for it.
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