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Favorite Music Video of All Time

What's your favorite music video of all time?

Answers (220)

  • Michael Jackson's Thriller! Also, this. That has to be the funniest music video, I've ever seen in my life.

  • I didn't realize how hard this would be and I don't think I have a favorite video of all time, but I do have memorable videos. I think the videos for "Graduation" by Vitamin C and "Dancing Queen" by A*Teens hold some emotional value, just because they're some of my first favorite videos. "Graduation"'s storyline was always in my head, and when I graduated from high school, it encouraged me to tell everyone everything I thought about them and never told them (obviously not the bad thoughts, but why hide something nice from anybody?) and I'm so glad I did, otherwise I would have been full of regrets. "Dancing Queen" had that rebellious teenage feeling to it (the plot was based of The Breakfast Club with Paul Gleason playing the principal again) and it was just full of excitement. I also like the video for "The Kill" by 30 Seconds To Mars (another movie based plot-The Shining) because of the "creepiness" involved (I'm a horror movie fan) and because it's a good song. I guess I could include the video to Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" because it is my favorite song "of all time" (this is just based on play count) and the video for Good Charlotte's "The River" is currently being played for then often for me because of the effects (I think this is more of a phase "obsession", but I guess it could apply anyhow). More of my current guilty pleasures include Ke$ha's "Take It Off" (the colors just get me) and Taylor Swift's "Mine" (I'm a fan). Until next time! (when my choices will probably be even more different)

  • Bullet For My Valentine - Your Betrayal

  • Basically anything that was popular throughout the 90s   primarily videos by NSYNC, Christina Augliera, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and  OTown.   That's only the beginning of the list.

    I haven't even watched MTV since  high school  the fact that it mostly  has reality tv shows on it annoys me. I perfer VH1 though  I haven't watched in awhile

  •  the Kyoya Ootori AMV for "Be Prepared" from the Lion King. Check it out, it's amazing. 
  • Mutemath's Typical. Amazing.
  • Again, not part of the music meme thing, but saw this and just had to answer(after checking to see that I wouldn't be repeating myself sometime soon). This video just somehow does everything right. Got a good tune. Somewhat cheesy, but the tune is pretty cheesy too. It just works very well. I love the video, but I'm not sure I could stand the song if it wasn't played with the video, but the video, I love the song too. With that, I give you Men Without Hats - Safety Dance. And, if you, like me, were wondering what the logo on the little guy's T-shirt was, turns out that is the "Men Without Hats" logo.

  • The song itself is a deep meditation on the end of Strapping Young Lad as a band, and as a message to fans regarding DT's decision to end SYL. The video is a poignant piece to compliment this message, as the protagonist (the cyborg) is being disconnected and essentially "killed" while the data from her 'experiences' (mostly negative images of war and strife, not completely unlike the generally dark content of most SYL material,) is downloaded and stored. The song is haunting in and of itself, but with this video behind it? It sent shivers down my spine the first time I saw it. I realize now however, that none of you probably enjoyed it. Moving on... Actually, speaking of Devin Townsend... I got tickets to see him live on November 6th! Fuck year! That's all for now, maybe more later.
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