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How would you describe your dream home?

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  • 2000sq ft modern Asian-inspired home with a Japanese-inspired garden allowed to grow naturally with some trimming after the first planting in an unschooling ecovillage.
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  • как у меня

  •           A bit of a challenge since I never REALLY thought about it before except for the basic stuff people think about.  But my best friend went into great detail about hers on her own blog when she answered this, and I want to really think about this and answer this question too, so here goes!!

              -Entire 4 story house [basement, first floor, second floor, attic] is hugged by a porch.  There is a porch swing too.  There are three entrances/exits: main, kitchen, cellar doors to the basement.
              -There are, maybe, three  or four apple trees on the property.  Inside the trees will be a nice sized tree house legitimately build by mine and my husband's own hands.  For our children.  :D
              -There would be an oval shaped in-ground pool made of concrete and have green mood lighting.  :]  It would have corner steps on one end and a diving board on the other with a latter somewhere on the side.  The coping surrounding the pool would be white concrete while the deck itself would be gray stone.  Anybody will be able to swim in it whether there's rain or sunshine because it will be in a glass house.  It will be easier to maintain when there are no seasonal leaves falling into the pool.  :]  And, of course, a pool is much more fun when there's a hot tub to slip into whenever.  ;]
              -I would love for a dogwood tree to be in my front yard.  <3
              -Along the sidewalk from the driveway to the porch where the front entrance is will be a pretty path of flowers of all sorts.  <3
              -I would have a SEPARATE garage from the main 2/3-car garage near the house that would house all three of my beetle cars [two 1969 Volkswagen Beetles with one detailed like HERBIE and the other a black with a shine finish; and a metallic cerulean blue Volkswagen New Beetle with a black soft top].  I like my bugs.  :]
              -I want a beautiful gazebo situated smack dab in the middle of a red and white rose garden.  I WILL HAVE THIS SOMEDAY!!!  <3
              -I would love to have a little herbal garden.  :]
              -I wouldn't mind having a pool house/guest house.  :]

              -The entire house, with the exception of the bedrooms, will have vinyl flooring with a marble look.
              -Basement would consist of the laundry room, a half bathroom with just the toilet and sink and small mirror, and an entertainment room and bar complete with a dartboard and pool table - among other things!  ;]
              -The entertainment room and bar would consist of MY FAVORITE VERY OLD FASHIONED JUKEBOX - The 1050 Wurlitzer Bubbler.  The entertainment room and bar would be a fine blend of old fashions of the 50's and modern time.  :]
              -The first floor would consist of the common area/living room, a computer room [where the only computers in the house will be - one for recreational use and one for educational use with parental controls on both], my husband's office, my office, the kitchen, a dining room, and of course another half bathroom like the one in the basement.  :]
              -Aside from the entertainment room in the basement, the common area/living room will be the ONLY other place in the house with a television set.  Children will be limited to 1 hour of recreational television/gaming (other than family nights) in both the common/living and entertainment areas.
              -Computer room will have the same 1 hour time limit for recreational use as the tv/gaming.  Educational use is a different story.
              -The second floor is where all the bedrooms will be.  Besides the master bedroom's bathroom, there would be two other bathrooms - one for my boys and one for my girls.  Both their bathrooms would be large like the master bathroom.  Nice looooooong mirror so the kids don't have to fight over using the mirrors, double - but spaced - sinks so it's just easier :]
              -The attic... well... this one is pretty obvious.  Hello, storage space!  :D
              -Bedrooms would be carpeted with themes.  Every room in the house will actually have a different theme to it.  :D
              -Kitchen would be huge.  Would have an island and/or a counter that divides the dining room from the kitchen with overhead cabinets.
              -The dining room.  Lordy, this one's gonna be big.  I will be having lots of family dinners.  My family will only be eating real home-cooked meals and only take-out food up to two times a month - like Chinese take-out or something.  This goes for breakfast and dinner.  For lunch, either the kids are going to be in school, or when they're still young they'll have light healthy lunches.  :]  My kids will be treated to home-made deserts too after they clean their dinner plates from 3-4 times a week.  ;]  Moving on...
              -I'm not sure how I would want the walls to look, honestly.  I guess whatever works well with the actual house, whatever themes I've chosen for each room.  :]
              -Master bathroom will have [and I'm stealing this from my best friend] a whirlpool bath tub big enough for two as well as a shower stall in a corner.  ;]

              And I think that's about it, haha.  Wow.  This is the most detail and thought I've ever put into about my future, whether it's just for kicks or for real.  This kinda house may be hard to come by, haha.  So for now, I'm just gonna say this is for kicks.  'Cause it is.  I was bored and needed something to blog about.  :P  So with that said, I'm outtie!

    Lots o' Love,
    Ladybug Jamie

  • It would be massive. Two floors high with an attic that has a vaulting gabled ceiling. It would be wildly colorful, each room painted in rich jewel tones and accented accordingly. Ecclectic- a mix of gypsy and medieval themes- with images of knights and dragons prominent in the curios in and around the house.  There would be a library and a sun room, a wrap-around patio/deck, and a massive kitchen with a stone floor and a rustic, sturdy table capable of seating twelve or more on long benches. There would be an assortment of drying herbs hanging from the pot rack above the granite-topped island. There would be a large open hearth in that kitchen before which a massive beast of a dog would sleep peacefully. Hardwood floors in medium tones covered in elaborate woven rugs throughout. It would sit on a grassy knoll and from the broad back deck you would see a well-worn path down to a calm river and boat dock. A barn would sit somewhere to the west next to an expansive corral, a chicken coop and pens for sheep, pigs, and a trio of aging cows to the east. A gazebo over grown with ivy would just be visible amongst the closely grown trees at the river's edge- a lover's retreat if there ever was one.

  • a nice little house, not too big not too small, right on the beach. with a patio that leads into the sand. with a second floor where the bedrooms are, so that you can wake up to a beautiful sunrise over the sea and listen to the crashing waves while falling asleep. but of course the most beautiful house in the entire world isn't wort anything without at least one person to share it with.
  • p Actually, the base would be much like the house we are trying to sell in the divorce (sigh). One big open room for living, dining and kitchen, with glorious post and beam ceilings. It would be situated on a bluff overlooking the ocean in Bermuda. There would be an infinity pool in the backyard, and a staircase down to a small cove, a tiny private beach and a secret cave that we could swim in! There would be a pool house/guest cottage, with an open air shower. The bathrooms in the house would be state of the art, the giant Japanese soaking tub looking out toward the view. Tne master bedroom would be an oasis of calm, a specially made super-sized bed and French doors that lead to a balcony. Central air keeps the house in the low 60s so that I can sleep comfortably under mountains of downy puffs encased in 2000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets! Built-in bookshelves would hold not only many books, but also important knickknacks of sentimental value. And all those photo albums from my life! Raw wood and shabby chic white peeling furniture, even some floor boards painted white in certain rooms. The living room would have a fireplace surrounded by Bermuda stone. The house would be painted a very faint pastel green, as houses are in Bermuda, with the white limestone roof to catch every drop of rain to fill the cistern, as there is no fresh water on Bermuda, and I would be using a lot with all the water features! The entrance would be a huge foyer made of marble and featuring a Botero statue in the center of the circular room. Chef's kitchen, too. That will do for now. I would never leave the premises!!

  • Для меня важнее не сам дом, а что вокруг него. Он обязательно должен быть на участке не менее 1га. Березовая рощица и небольшой (относительно) прудик. И очень бы хотелось, чтобы в этом доме жила вся моя семья: родители, бабушка с дедушкой, любимые мужчины супруг и сынуля. 

  • Раньше мечтала о домике в деревне)) А сейчас хочу квартиру , на  этаже 15 и выше ..... в центре города ... именно моего города ...

  • I think id like an apartmant really, A big and spacey place in the middle of the city with a ton of windows to let the sunshine in and to watch the rain fall, a i-pod docking station with speakers in every room in the place, a balcony to watch the city come to life every night and a bedroom with the biggest double bed possible XD 
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