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Which fictional world would you choose to visit, and why?

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  • See now, this is easy. So easy. I wouldn't even hesitate. Narnia. Always. The Chronicles of Narnia played a huge part in my childhood. My father read a chapter a night to my brother and I when we were small. When I remember learning to read, they were the first books I read for myself. I remember curling up on the sofa in my dressing gown on Sunday evenings in winter to watch the BBC TV adaptations. I had a cartoon version on VHS that I wore out I watched so often. My brother and I even got boxes of Turkish Delight from Aslan under the Christmas tree. And every so often, just in case, you understand, I would knock gently on the back of my wardrobe. Just in case. Because...Narnia, oh Narnia. What a beautiful, magical, wonderful world. Who wouldn't want to live in a world where animals talked and trees walked, and there were spirits in the river and in the forests; where you could never be alone because everything around you was alive; where you could live in a castle and be a queen, even though you were just a child; where you could be tested and not found wanting; where Father Christmas was real, and your God walked amongst you. And I think what I loved most was that it wasn't safe. It was beautiful and magical, but there was danger there too, and you'd have to be brave. I think every child wants the chance to be brave, to be special.

  • Final Fantasy VII would be my number one, hands down.
    If I had the chance of joining AVALANCHE at the beginning of the game with all my fangirly knowledge... ho boy, major AU. Aeris would live, I'd tell Sephiroth all that was done to him (and hope it would turn him against Jenova, instead of having him chop my head off) and I would love the chance at cultivating my own materia and limit breaks. Plus Cloud needs a hug. I wouldn't jump him, unlike most fangirls (Aeris is more my type actually) but  that chocobo really needs a hug without any strings attatched. ;__; Weapon? Probably naginata- I don't like getting my hands dirty but I can't aim to save myself. Katars also seem like a good option- they are an extension of your hands (only pointy) which makes them seem easier to learn the basics of than daggers.

    My second choice would be the Hunter X Hunter verse.
    I want to know what my nen ability is- it seems to be a reasonable reflection of your personality and I especially want to stop the Insect plotline from ever happening. Kill the queen before the story goes to hell. Not to mention the amalgamation of cultures, langauges and technology is really interesting in that verse, beautiful landcapes and interesting characters. I would mother Gon and Killua, though they might not appreciate it, but I can't stand the thought of little kids becoming professional killers or getting limbs blown off. U_U
  • I live in a fictional world of my own creation. If I had to choose another writer's world, I'd probably choose Xanth or Narnia, but I want to go to a previously unexplored region. Another choice would be Michael Ende's Fantastica or McKay's Slumberland. Zooniverse would also be cool. The TARDIS really isn't a world, per se, and it's always landing somewhere dangerous, so that probably wouldn't be my choice. I'd only visit Arrakis to get high.

  • WonderLand :)

  • Wonderland cause it would never be boring.
  • Hogwarts and the Rizzoli and Isles set :D Or maybe just angie Harmon's bedroom... with her in the bed... um... yeah lol that sounds great.
  • I'd go to Johto and become an electric sheep herder. It's already been established that if there was a way to make a Flaaffy replica that was a living, breathing sheep, I would own a heard of them and I would become a sheep herder until I died of cancer from hanging out with living microwaves. Then my tombstone would read "It was totally worth it."

  • I would want to visit Narnia, if for no other reason than just to see it and to have a long discussion with a black panther about whether or not it feels that it needs a more proper name, being that any spotted large cat with an excess of black pigment is called a "black panther".  So a black panther could really be a black leaopard, a black jaguar, a black cheetah (not as common), or any panther-like creature. 

    Okay, so I read too much wikipedia. 

    And I'm lying.  I'd want to go to Narnia just for the sake of going to NARNIA!!! THAT WOULD JUST BE SOO FREAKING COOL! lol

  • Can I pick all of them XD
    Seriously, I wouldn't mind just visiting them all - I already imagine myself being part of every tale I read or every movie/TV-show I watch.
    Just to mention a few; Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Star Trek; TNG, Twilight Saga, Deverry, Star Wars, Merlin, Doctor Who...

  • Eyes Like Stars, the fictional novel of it was like an adventure. I totally would want to meet Ariel and Nat. Nat the pirate and Ariel from The Little Mermaid. The novel made me want  to figure out what I would do if I was in that play production kind of family. I just find it so exciting to know that I could be making friends with other fictional people and just totally living on a stage theater. :D
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