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I'm just a bill, yeah I'm only a bill

If you could change or create a new law, what would it be, and why?

Answers (446)

  • gradually replace public schools with alternative schools including holistic, character-building, environmental, sudbury, democratic, free, anarchistic free, paulo freire, enki, etc.
  • No piggyback clauses! If it's not related to the bill, do not put it here! You are not allowed to attach a 80% pay increase in senatorial salaries to a bill for improving public libraries. You're not allowed to tack a clause for the election of school board officials on top of a bill for highway construction and repairs. You're not allowed to slip a clause for demolishing entire neighborhoods we can't identify to put in a shopping mall into a bill for an increase in the budgets of fire departments. A bill regarding the installation of judges should not include a clause for setting the homeless on fire. Let's not confuse the issues. We're not stupid, even though you try to slip things past us all the time in the most clever ways conceivable. You're only forcing us to not vote for things that could have been a great benefit for the entire city.

  • I would create a Federal law extending the legal definition of marriage and the privileges therein to couples and groups of all sexual and gender identities. All religious and cultural mores aside, a marriage is simply a legal contract that creates kinship between people. Why should government have any say over the sexual orientations or number of people involved, if everyone is able to enter such a contract?

    The fact that there are people who have to be concerned about the validity of their marriage based on the state they happen to be in is deeply unfair and wrong. Another thing that strikes me as unfair and wrong are questions people ask of those in triads and other group marriage arrangements regarding legality. It isn't wrong that people have questions, but that such questions are necessary and marriage in all its forms isn't accepted far and wide. 

    There is so much attached to both the idea and practice of marriage in the US, and it is these things I wish to be extended to all of those who wish to have them. I'm not sure that the legal status changes will effect religious and cultural views on the subject, but it will go a long way in encouraging people to seek out the love that suits them best, regardless of its form.

  • Я бы поощрял разведение виртуальных животных. Например: Получи виртуального питомца
  • Прямо животрепещущая тема для меня была затронута. Конституцию я бы переменила! Во-первых, добавила бы к источникам права решения высших судов, так как они уже работают, да и с точки зрения упрощения системы правосудия полезно. И, во-вторых, дала бы право законодательной инициативы Уполномоченному по правам человека, а то непорядок...
  • I will LEGALIZE MARIJUANA for a better world. :)

  • Gay marriage, beytch!

    I support it.

  • Строжайшая цензура в интернете!

  • To have cyclists off the damn road. If not that, then create a lane on the road just for cyclists.
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