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Writer's Block

Ringing in 2008

What are your New Year's Eve plans?

Answers (133)

  • not a thing just me and the dog
  • on the particular night i actually fell alseep reading in bed before midnight. i awoke in time to hear the neighbors tv announce the new year. i went back to sleep.
  •  I worked 10p-8a <> Yippie!!
  • Howdy stranger! Nothing. We planned nothing, did nothing. Had a surprised overnight guest we thought we had to adopt.
  •  Well, I had some pretty sweet plans, I mean, I was hoping to hang out with Pat and just chill...but then....my evil mum decided that I should "be responsible" (who wants to do that on New Years Eve?) so I had to work at the Darrin's stupid New Years party. It wasn't so awful...Nate and Dan and Megan were working and they're fun...but still, there are definately other things I'd rather be doing...like um, watching the ball drop! I'm still a little sad, but it's okay......the pay check  have coming will ease all pain....fucking double time!
  •  Well, it's New Year's Day but last night I watched Shrek 2, ate hot hors d'oeurves, drank wine and worked on my dog-nephew's Sweater. We had fireworks in town which were visible from upstairs master bedroom. They were quite beautiful. It was very festive. Both my beloved husband and I were beddy-bye and snoozers at midnight and that's the way I like it!!
  • I am having dinner and games with DAvid and Colleen Glasser and David Carrillo and maybe Mark and Zanette Clark. They should be over soon. gotta go.
  • Let's see: today i. . .
    watched Waitress. . .again (Nathan Fillion, yum <3)
    and later tonight im going to make cookies (as you can see it has been/will be a very pastery based day ;)
  •  I have absolutely none and I'm kind of liking it that way. This was a crap year and I'm really not a fan of NYE at all so the faster it comes the faster it's over and I can concentrate on making '08 a much better year.
  • The holidays involve a lot of social interaction for me, so I like to stay home on New Years. Just about every year that I've lived in Tennessee, I like to pretend that I'm in a different vacation spot. I plan a seven course menu based on the destination, and I serve each course on the hour beginning at five and ending at midnight. This year the theme is Hawaii! 5 pm - Pina Coladas (I actually drank Mai Tai's when I was in Hawaii, but I'm in the mood for pina coladas) 6 pm - Miso soup and sushi 7 pm - tropical fruit salad 8 pm - macadamia nuts 9 pm - scrimps w/ mango chutney 10 pm - roasted pork w/ "poi" potatoes 11 pm - sugar free pineapple angel food cake w/ decaf Kona coffee 12 pm - champagne! Lots of beer in between the pina coladas and champagne. Christmas was bone dry, so I have to make up for it. I add to the relaxation of the evening by purchasing new pajamas (I jump at any excuse to buy pajamas). I have both High School Musicals recorded, and after that I plan on watching Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years. Happy New Year to everyone in livejournal land!
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