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Is it appropriate for governments to spend so much money on defense and weapons? How much is too much?

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  • Well, when the government starts spending money on defense and weapons, it only shows that they are insecure in their security of an attack. Maybe instead of buying all that, they should put money into funding to get other countries out of poverty and violence. 

  • seriously, they're adults. they keep telling children not to fight over toys and stuff and yet they're willing to kill humans to get a piece of soil? what happened to being mature? what happened to talking it over? what happened to being a human being? its not the place of a human being to take a life of another.

  • I obviously understand the need to purchase offensive and defensive weapons for a country, but clearly there is way too much spent. The money wasted on new weaponry could be put to much better use. Governments need to prioritize they're spending habits and realize that there are better ways to use billions of dollars. Scientists and researchers always need more funding in order to find ways to cure diseases, along with more important matter like starvation and helping third world countries.

  • Safety and security   are definitley important.  However  I feel that there should be a limit to how much should be spent on things like this.  The reason our country  has such a huge defecit is because  we have been spending so much money on the war and trying to find weapons of mass destructions when it appears to me they didn't even seem to exist.  That is what infuriates me about the wars in Iraw and Afghanistan  and the fact that so many American families have to go through  the heartbreak of losing loved ones in battle

    Our hard earned tax dollars eould be much more well spent on improving the economy.  The stimulus packages have helped in fits and starts but not substiallay enough.  I am not saying  I am disappointed with the work  Obama is doing because I know  he has a lot he has to do.  I feel that the economy should have been a  bigger priroity over the war and he should have worked harder on improving  the econmoy before considering sending more people to fight in the very war that is draining our tax dollars.   I  still have mad love  for Obama though.
  • I believe that it's entirely appropriate for governments to spend so much money on defense and weapons for many reasons. The first of which is probably the most obvious: the things that are being purchased are extremely expensive and thus, to get access to them requires a great deal of money; you can't exactly get a B2 for cheap on EBay.The second is probably the most important: until the ability to defend the nation is secured, no other exercise of government power is possible. A nation under constant threat of invasion has very little time and resources to devote to feeding the hungry or supplying luxuries so defense must always be first and foremost. How much is too much? When you are spending more than is necessary to make your nation as secure from threats to its security as is feasible. On this subject, I think the most sad mental image I've experienced was the one evoked by the idiot slogan "Wouldn't it be nice if the Air Force had to have a bake sale to buy a new bomber and schools had all the money they needed?" I mean, isn't that the saddest thing you can imagine? A military being forced to beg passers-by for the money to buy a rifle or ammunition or fuel their planes or repair damage to their vehicles? I cannot imagine inflicting such heartless cruelty on your soldiers and desperately want to believe that whoever came up with that slogan simply didn't think it through.

  • I think it's a waste of time to spend money on war. ar only opresses people and our right of freedom. It's the fear that drives wars. As a population we need to talk to each other and understand what the other wants and make a compromise.
    I think we should spend a little bit of money on having defense IN the counrty, not sending them out and leaving us unprotected. You never know when people might do something crazy. I still don't like it but just to be on the safe side.

  • Государство в принципе увлеклось военными игрушками и забыло про гораздо более важные вещи - про социальные службы, например, про учителей... Почему врач в травме получает копейки? У него работа есть всегда, в отличие от военного, и ничуть не легче, чем у солдата. А библиотеки вообще закрывать пора, ибо за такую зарплату ни один нормальный человек работать не пойдет...

  • Is it appropriate?


    Is it necessary?

    Yes. 9-11 made that very clear.

    One day it will no longer be necessary.
    The LORD will mediate between nations and will settle international disputes... Nation will no longer fight against nation, nor train for war anymore. Isaiah 2:4

  • I agree with my friend on this one: "This is a silly question. Of course it's inappropriate. It's diverting much-needed funds away from Zombie Apocalypse preparations."

  • Awfully sorry for my tardy answer to this soul-searching question.

    Since  "weapons" has been equated with "defense". I hope no one minds if I take this as two questions.

    (1 - Q:
    Is it appropriate for goverments to spend so much money on weapons?

    (1 - A:
    Not at all. As it is entirely appropriate for snakes and scorpions to have venom. However snakes and scorpions tend not to allow parasites to direct the use of their armaments. It is a shame that goverments do not  have the same common sense when it comes to oil companies and other corporations.

    (2 - Q:
    Is it appropriate for goverments to spend so much money on defense ?

    (2 - A:
    Yes. However I have yet to understand how nuclear, chemical or biological weapons can be used in 'defense'.

    (3 - Q:
    How much is too much?

    (3 - A:
    £00.01...  of my money anyway. 
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