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Writer's Block


Ground Control to Major Tom

What kind of craft would you design to travel through time and space? How would it work? What would it look like?

Answers (492)

  • I want my TARDIS to look like a 57 Chevy, and you'd climb in through the trunk. 1. You could climb into another dimension by climbing in the trunk or folding the seat down. (Now that's what I call trunk space!) 2. You could drive it places, or over gangs of angry primitives who would have carried your old phone booth up to the mouth of a volcano already. 3. With a TARDIS heart as your power source, you'd never have to fuel up. 4. If you're about to regenerate, it's not a problem. You don't have to trudge up to a castle to get healed. Just drive there. 5. In any year after 1957, nobody would blink at you tooling down the street in your TARDIS. In fact, you'd get lots of jealous stares, and you could probably even sneak past the radar during the 1940's or any era after Henry Ford becomes successful. Before that you'd have to call it a carriage, and possibly do an A-Team style chop job on it to blend in.
  • Сон (см.Карлос Кастанеда).

  • It will look like a mirror only you can go through it..^^

  • Ничего изобретать не надо - все уже известно. Чтобы освободиться от иллюзии пространства и времени, надо войти в нирвану.
  • Hmm, personally I'd like some kind of wrist watch type of device or maybe a pocket watch that would open portals through time that you walk through. But I'm also partial to the idea of a blue british police box or a car that takes you through time. Though, if I could design such a craft or item, I'd build more than one. So most likely I'd go with a vehicle and the portable version.

  • *loves this song*

    For me to be able to travel through time and space, I would need a pirate ship that can travel at light speed.
    It would have an outer appearance of a pirate ship: the poopdeck, the sails, the lookout spot, all the ropes, the ship's wheel, etc. There will be a cabin under the ship's wheel as my bedroom and a little hallway in front. In the hallway, there is a ladder where you can head down into the storage place and sleeping place for the crew. The ladder continues going down. On the the second floor down, there is a high-tech control room because the ship's wheel is just for show.
    The control room controls everything like a nucleus of a cell. In the captain's seat, it would have holographic images of the surrounding area (360). There will be a chute that can shoot out robotic balls that can be used for surveillance or attack. There will also be a robot butler so the crew can slack off a bit.
  • What kind of craft would you design to travel through time and space? How would it work? What would it look like?

    ...a gondola

    "Planetary Romance"

    Imagine you are in a dimension  

    and there is no time… 

    While earth moved around the sun 

    and two doves descended 

    Seduced by an alien  

    - Is it you? 

    Gladiation, daring escapes 

    Adventure story set in space 

    Bonding between clones, fluid genders 

    Different from real-life cultures 

    Unrequited and taboo 

    Disastrous results that follow 

    In a world that is unreachable… 

    a very different Superhero 


    Superhero, master of dreams

    Colorful adventure, large canvas

    Heightened drama, strange horizons

    Between this world and ours

    Same edge, different slant

    Exaggerated story, negative effect

     It’s not linear, there’s no time

    Gravity is slowing down

    Lost world separate from our own

    A war across time, not love


  • Самое главное - безопасность и дружественный интерфейс. Пусть меняет облик в соответствии с желаниями. "Вижу нить, что уходит на полночь. В ней струится огонь неземной. Часто мне он приходит на помощь, Заполняя всю душу собой. Он связует меня с небесами. Он канал! По нему возношусь…. В те миры, где все боги мы сами, Где на зов дальних звезд отзовусь. Я разведчик в непознанном мире. Рейнджер темных, нехоженых троп. Здесь мой путь пролегает отныне, Там — лишь звезд леденящий озноб. Тот холодный огонь осознанья Прометей в нас когда-то зажег. Но в одних он как пламя пылает, У других — в сердце лишь уголек. Я ищу средь идущих — крылатых. Кто стремится из тьмы возлететь. Тех, мечтой и стремленьем богатых, Покинуть готовых трехмерную сеть." (с) ...
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