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What do you wish your computer or laptop could do much better than it does now?

Answers (129)

  • Not use electricity, faster internet and faster processor.

  • Siphon the ideas I want to express directly from my brain into Word without me having to try to find the right words.

  • Oh i dunno, im not very tech-ish at all. I dont need anything fancy, i'd just like for my stupid, old laptop to WORK when i need it to! Sighes, my laptop is far too old now its all broken. All i really need in a laptop is a word processor and internet access. my laptop fails at both. most times i just use my sister's laptop or try to make my laptop work. 

    Well, anyways it's been a long while since ive blogged. School has been going on for two weeks now. It's pretty different being in the junior class now, i feel so old. Ive got so much work to do and never enough time to finish all the work. But im trying to stay organized and hopefully that'll help me keep track of time.
    Things on my to do list:
    Driver's ED (yeah, its been like months and i still need get my permit)
    Get Driving Permit
    Study for PSAT
    Work on poems and short stories
    Go biking and jogging (I dont have P.E. class anymore and I do feel rather unhealthy now since i dont get as much excercise.)
    Find time to blog
    Actually blog

    At least i can cross blogging off my list, and if im to cross everything off, i gotta go and get to work.

    I love this entry's song i heard it in the Eat, Pray, Love movie promo,
    Jess aka littlebogeek

  • That my laptop would type without the mouse clicking randomly. I never use my laptop because of it now. My desktop is fine for now.

  • I want it to be able to get me cheesecake instantly. Oh, and to be able to actually let me use the web cam...

  • I wish my laptop could fend off viruses and stuff without having anti-virus active.

  • i wish my computer was just a little faster.
  • CURE CANCER. Or eliminate Staphylococcus aureus. Or make Best Buy stop supporting creepy politicians!!

  • Make me coffee.

  • More battery life.  And better Bluetooth for my headphones....
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