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Celebrity Overload

Which celebrity are you sick of seeing? Who would you like to see more of?

Answers (310)

  • see more: 50 cent
    see less: any and all reality show so called celebrities

  • i would like to see more Gene Wilder
  • He's a celebrity to a lot of football fans...but Brett Farve. I would love it if every time someone mentioned Brett Farve they'd get smacked in the face. He's just playing the media and people are knowing it...but they still want to know how he's doing or how he played in a game. I've actually gotten to the point to where I refuse to watch a football game the Minnesota Vikings are playing in. It's gotten that bad. A celebrity I wanna see more of is...actually. All the celebrities just need to take a month off from being in the medias eye. I think we all just need a break from them. From Lohan being in and out of rehab to Jennifer Aniston being all over guys, it's just a major celeb overload.

  • I'm sick of seeing the cast of Jersey Shore...they're everywhere! It frustrates me that people waste their time focusing on people that don't have any talent. I would love to see more of what Dakota Fanning is up to...she has more talent in her pinky than all of the Jersey Shore cast.
  • I can't say that there is just one celebrity I am sick of seeing or hearing about. There are a lot of them that I am sick of hearing about and seeing etc. To name a few Justin Bieber, Kei$ha, Lady Gaga and Lindsay Lohan. As for who I'd like to see more of... I'd probably say Garrett Hedlund, some my favorite rock bands and celebritys that are doing positive stuff with their money and time.
  • Sick of seeing: Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Anything related to Twilight, Lady Gaga, Brett Favre(retire already), LeBron James, Kobe Bryant Would like to see more of: Sophia Bush, Danielle Harris, Danneel Harris, Bethany Joy Galeotti.

  • I'm sick of seeing Lindsey Lohan and Lady Gaga; people who don't have any real talent to back up their barking.
  • I am sick of seeing the same 20 actors in the same rehashed movies over and over again (Jennifer Aniston, Katherine Hiegl come to mind). Regardless if they're talented or not, I want to see some fresh, new talent. They're out there, but no one is giving them a break =/
  • Frankly, I'm sick of seeing most celebrities, because they're always dealing with the same sorts of problems over and over again. Like when celebrity couples break up or get divorced; it's the most tiresome thing, because the magazines and TV gossip keep talking about it for weeks or months. Honestly, who really gives a shit if the Bachelorette and her fuck buddy are no longer together? People should be used to these things by now! Celebrities never stay in relationships more than a year anyway, and sometimes for even less time than that. And what is it with all of these celebs getting their own dating shows? I mean, didn't they see any of the previous ones, like Rock of Love or Flavor of Love or whatever? They should know that doing this sort of show doesn't get you a serious relationship, it just gets you loads and loads of ass, and what is that worth when it's all said and done? Even football players are getting into it now, like that OchoCinco dick. He should know better. You are NOT looking for a real relationship if you're doing a show like that. You just want to show the public how many girls you can get to sleep with you. Even the kidnapping stories are getting old. I understand how nerve-racking it is when your child goes missing, and I feel sorry for these families, but once again, it's something that happens rather often. Why doesn't every kid that gets nabbed show up on Access Hollywood or E! News? Are some of these kids less important than the ones featured in news stories?

  • Oh my God, If I have to hear another word about the goddamn Kardashians, Mel Gibson, anyone on reality T.V. mainly the goddamn Jersey Shore idiots, tween phenom Miley Cyrus, the cast of Glee and Dancing with the Stars I am going to through my t.v. out the window and set if on fire. That goes for magazines too...not that I actually read them but I can still do without all the press. So...basically everyone mentioned on E news and the like!
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