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Writer's Block

My Secret Talent

What's your secret talent?

Answers (129)

  •  I can juggle flaming torches.  Not well, mind you, and no fancy moves -- but still.  They're on fire!
    I've also learned to my surprise that I spin stories that lull a reluctant baby off to sleep.
  • writing or singing. Not many people know i can sing. but wtvr. Writing is more of a hobby for me than a secret.
  •  My "meows" sound so realistic they fool cats into thinking there's another cat in their midst.
  •  I dont think i have a secret talent. But if i did i would want the power to read peoples minds. That would be a talent everyone wishes they had. I mean you could see when people liked you. According to my sister she wouldnt want to because people would never shut up. Kind like her with out the power! 

  • It turns out that I can write original ficiton.
  •  well if i told you that it wouldn't be a secret any more.

    but....i'll give you a hint......it may or may not be super secret pirate ninja powers! w00t!
  •  My secret talent? I can handle a clorgaurd flag like its nobody's business. And i have the ablity to be really annoying for long periods of time
  •  My secret talent......I would have to say that it would be....that I like to help people and that I give good advice, but the sad thing is that no one knows about it.  So, I can not help then.  That is never a good thing to have to go through something alone. 

    But my close friends and some other of my friends know that I do give good adivice.  But at the same I wish that other people new that I did so that i could help them.  But I am gald that not a lot of people know taht I do, because I would never be able to get time to my self or have time for my problems.  
  • Well it's not really a secret but it's singing.
  • I have two secret talents. Photography is one and only my best friend knows about it. The second talent is that i can tell things about people. Like a profiler but I never went to school for it. I can tell when people are nervous or lying or happy. I'm not talking about the obvious, out-there things but the not-so-easy to tell things. which actually helps a lot, i might make a job out of it.
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