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Do you believe in global warming? Do you think the sustainability concept is undervalued, valid, or taken too far?

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  • Я верю в глобальное похолодание и европа с америкой себе его обеспечили вместо 10-20 лет понижения температуры при медленной остановке Гольфстрима, с помощью обамки и БритишПетролиум получат экстренную остановку Голфстрима за 1-2 года. Чем это грозит? Возьмите карту мира или глобус посмотрите на каких паралелях сидят страны европы и америки и прикиньте, мировая печка для этих стран встала и будет температура средняя на паралели...
  • There is no denying global warming. It is a fact, something that has happened in the past and will happen again, just like Global cooling. The question is whether or not it will happen in our time and if there's anything we can even do about it. Remember, the era of human beings have only existed for a minuscule portion of the actual life of the planet. So global warming could be coming, but will we all even be here when it does? My answer is maybe, possibly. Which leads to my other question, is there anything we can do to stop it? My answer is no. There are 192 countries in the world under no uniform government. The state is the sovereign, period. Therefore, all these countries must decide on their own accord to cut back their our carbon emission and release of greenhouse gases. Is this plausible? Absolutely not. There will never be a consensus among all these nations. the only thing we can hope for is a deceleration rather than an elimination of this problem.

  • "Вы верите в ... ? " - вопрос поставлен не корректно . Скорее так : "Верите ли вы ,что глобальное потепление - реальность" ( можно и иначе ...)   
    "Как вы считаете,..." - никакого отношения к правде не имеет . Печально , что русские многие не понимают ,что пишут ил говорят .

  • Трескотни много и словоблудия по этой теме, а ещё больше непонимания. Так называемая идея "устойчивости" - великая идея (хотя сам термин неудачный), единственный путь к спасению планеты, но, боюсь, что точка невозврата пройдена, а пустая болтовня никого не спасёт. Настроение бодрое, идём ко дну.

  • i do believ in global warming but sometimes what people forget is that it is a natural occurence the Earth goes through, every such and such years. however, WE as humans are rapidly making this process alot faster then it should be. We can't exactly sustain our Earth because it is supposed to go through natural fluctuations in temperature and all that other happy crap. we CAN sustain what environment we have now and just deal with the onslaught of impending climate disasters though, once people give in to "Going Green" that way instead of running ourselves into possible extinction right away, it takes awhile longer.

  • What? Do I BELIEVE in global warming? Hello, do you see the melting glaciers up in the north or is that just some strange conspiracy theory that some delusional dink came up with? I'm pretty sure that if i inhale long enough, i'll have tiny carbon monoxide molecules attaching to my red blood cells. Come now. I do believe in global warming, evidently, as I live in a country that seems to just get hotter and hotter every year. The winters are even getting warmer, which puts me off since I like the cold and I wait 10 months to get my 2 months of nice..cold..weather. Realistically speaking, however, it's unlikely that sustaining the issue will be effective immediately. I don't expect everyone to throw out their Porsche and exchange it for a hybrid anytime soon. At least not here. If anything, I think that people are too preoccupied in their own lives to really care for the expense of our own planet. Tragic. I know. Welcome to the global capitalist society, where consuming is good and whatever the byproduct is will be ignored until it's ...probably too late to do something about it. At least personally. It's over-valued, but, we all know that many people are all talk. The president of the United States for example. All talk. Prime Ministers. Politicians. Teachers. Mothers. Fathers. Sisters. Brothers. Not animals though, because they're the creatures that are smart enough to not say anything unintelligible. Or anything at all. They do what they're made to do because that's their intrinsic make-up. However, the consequence of having the ability to make conscious decisions will result in consequences...Like global warming. People like SUV's..but they release a whole bunch of pollutants that will clog up the atmosphere and we'll all dieeeeee..but. At least they still have their precious car. I know I may seem a bit cynical, but that's really what it is and I don't think anyone can actually do anything about the issue immediately. Perhaps in the future, there will be a porsche that has the same make-up as a hybrid car..or whatever. Or maybe a hybrid car will be hotter than a porsche. Who knows? But there are probably more than 7 billion people in the world, and perhaps 1/3 of them have a car. Not only that, I see girls that distress about global warming, and try to preserve their self-righteous proclamations...only to notice that they use a whole bunch of hair-spray to make themselves presentable. What about air conditioners?
    Biology 101 : Air conditioners, Hair spray etc. stuff like that...unless there are labels on them that say "o-zone friendly" (of which the quality is quite icky..), are pretty fucking harmful. They contain chlorofluorocarbons. CFC's for short. CFC's are molecules that effectively destroy the ozone layer.
    Wait. That's the understatement of the century.

    1 CFC = the death of 100,000 ozone molecules. molecules are tiny. think about all the hairspray you put on your hair. (i do it too, but at least im not being totally self righteous about it).

    Besides, no one really cares. Otherwise they would shut down all the salons..And that's not going to happen.

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

    ..Anyway. In conclusion to my little rant here, I acknowledge Global Warming. I like going "green"...However, it's just not enough. It takes time. With time comes more products and we live in a consumerist generation. Come on.

  • Hmm well yes? It's not something you can argue really, global warming does exist. Or at least something that is definitely damaging our planet. I don't think sustainability is taken too far, we still aren't doing enough, me included. I think awareness of it is good, even though we got taught crap in science because of it.

  • It's been 40+ degrees centigrade for most of the week. We have to fix the situation. We can do tons with green technology but we won't because of money. Even the much nicer governments of the world are addicted to the tax money drug. Those who don't believe in climate change also more than likely don't believe in evolution or other sciences that go against their agenda.

  • А верить и не нужно ... нужно просто знать высшую математику ... в частности ... интегрирование ... и так далее, по восходящей ...

  • Устойчивость окружающей среды - надуманный социальный миф. Все катаклизмы рождаются на дне океана, и глобальное потепление, глобальное потемнение, глобальное опреснение не зависят от типа дезодоранта, которым мы пользуемся... И уж никак не способны разрушить озонноый слой. Человечество всегда находило выход из сложившейся ситуации, жертвуя своим числом и качеством жизни... Все идет своим чередом. Ждите глобальное осознание, вот чего стоит бояться.
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