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Do you think you would you risk your life to save a stranger? Would it make a difference if it were an elderly person or a child? What about a neighbor's dog or cat?

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  • Yes, I love animals, for me it is unacceptable rude attitude with them. Old people like children, they are soon gone from us, I feel sorry for them, because this fate awaits us all. Children - Yes, they are the least protected in our mad, and this beautiful world.

  • Yes. Always. There is absolutely no question about that. If they were elderly, or a child, it wouldn't change that answer.
    Now... neighbour's dog or cat? This seems like such a general question, but frankly I don't know any of my neighbours personally and I don't know their particular attachments to all of their pets. If say, their pet was their life and they were lonely and their soul was ultimately crushed by the untimely death of such a companion, I would risk my life for the ickle being.

    But as far as I know, my neighbours all do not care too deeply for their pets. A puppy from the neighbours to our left once stranded into our yard. We contemplated keeping it, for it was such a sweet critter, but we returned it. What did the woman say to us when we gave it back? "Oh. I didn't really even notice it was missing. Eh."
    Because they have more dogs than they can handle. And the new neighbours behind us haven't moved in yet, but they took the time to leave a dog at their barren abode, OUTSIDE by itself! My dad stumbled across one of the new inhabitants and asked about the poor barking dog. "Oh! Sorry about that. He's new to our family, we'll be sure to get him a shock collar soon."
    Bottom line is that I wouldn't save my neighbour's pets, but I would risk my life for a complete stranger because I would want someone to do that for me. Lives are precious. We all only get one.
    (Unless reincarnation is your thing. Still, it's one less life someone could've led.)

  • Смотря что подразумевать под словом "пожертвовать". Если в данном вопросе имеется ввиду расстаться с жизнью ради незнакомого человека, то я скорее всего не смогла бы этого сделать. Конечно,  во мне в какой-то степени говорит себялюбка, но ещё в моей жизни есть много дорогих людей, которые будут скорбить после моей непонятной жертвы. А если незнакомец, которого я спасаю плохой человек, то нужно ли его вообще спасать в таком случае?
    В любом случае я бы смогла спасти незнакомого человека, если бы это не обернулось гибелью для меня самой.
    Все мы люди. Как пожилой - человек, так и ребенок - человек. Но разница лишь в возрасте. Ребенку предстоит прожить жизнь, а пожилой уже можно сказать её прожил. С этой точки зрения надо спасать ребенка.
    Я бы спасла и кошку и собаку, и не только соседских.  Честно говоря, животные вызывают у меня более трепетные чувства, чем люди. Когда я смотрю фильм, в котором погибает животное и человек, то мне всегда больше жалко животное. Потому что человек - творец своей судьбы, а животное лишь одна из частей, которая обеспечивает человеку его существование. Животное не может сказать где у него болит, что у него болит, хочет ли оно есть, устало ли оно, нужно ли его спасти. Оно может лишь издать непонятные для нас звуки, которые каждый будет трактовать по-своему.
  • for a human maybe, but for a pet, sorry but i do not think so...

  • I'd like to think so. If i was around other people i think i would be less likely to if at all because of what people might think of me. It also depends on the situation and what kind of impression that stranger had given me. Same with animals.

  • животных однозначно...

  • I would risk my life to save them. Yes.
    I dont care who they are, or what species they are. If im able to help, i will. At whatever consequence that may be.
    I will forever help those who at least also try to help themselves.

  • In a heart beat.

    Animals would actually be my first jump instinct. The instant I see one in danger I try to help it, no thoughts involved. But if it was a person I would pause for a second to weigh the risks before leaping in. If it was an elderly I would probably jump right in without thinking. I'm weird like that. Some would say my prioritys are messed up.

  • Yes, I'm far more likely to rescue someone I don't know or an animal. People i know....I know a lot of people who if trapped in a fire i'd help them out with a can of gas.
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